Awards Lit Streets Fallas 2018

Listing of all awards of Lighting in Category A and B Fallas-2018

List of Awards Iluminaci’re for Fallas 2018. The Falla Cuba Puerto Rico has been the winner of the Category’to with a iluminaci’re traditional work Highlights Ximénez, while in the Catagoría B, the winner has been the Falla Duque de Gaeta - Pobla de Farnals.


Awards Lit Streets in CategoríA

- First Prize: Falla Cuba Puerto Rico

- Second Prize: Falla Cuba Literato Azorin

- Third Prize: Falla Sueca-Literato Azorín

- Fourth Prize: Falla Malvarrosa


Awards Lit Streets Categoría B

First Prize: Fails Duc de Gaeta-Pobla de Farnals 

Second Prize: Falla Ciscar-Borriana

Third Prize: Fails Ferros-Joan Perales 

Fourth Prize: Falla Mestre Gozalbo-Comte d’Altea

Fifth Prize: Falla Cadis-Els Centelles

First Accèssit: Fails Seville-Dénia

Second Accèssit: Falla Bisbe Friends’-Conca 

Third Accèssit: Fails Bar’ Sant Petrillo-Leonor Jovani

Fourth Accèssit: Falla Pius XI-Fontanars

Fifth Accèssit: Falla Gayano Lluch-Doctor Marco Merenciano

Sixth Accèssit: Falla Doctor Serrano-Carlos Cervera-Clergy

Séptimo Accèssit: Falla Lo Rat Penat


Congratulations to all of the commissions awarded!

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