Awards Streets Lit Fallas 2016

List of awards of the illuminated streets of the Fallas in Valencia

Awards of different categories in the contest of lighted streets


First prize Falla Cuba - Literato Azorín No. 28

Second prize Falla Sueca - Literato Azorín No. 177

Third prize Falla AV Malvarrosa - A. Ponz-Cavite No. 112

Fourth prize Falla Cuba - Puerto Rico # 41



First prize Falla Duc de Gaeta - Pobla de Farnals No. 145

Second prize Falla Carrer Malilla - Illa Cabrera No. 276

Third prize Falla Mestre Gozalbo - Comte d'Altea Nº 44

Fourth prize Falla Cadis - Els Centelles No. 27

Fifth prize Falla Bisbe Amigó - Conca Nº 78

First accesit Falla Barri Quint - Pizarro No. 255
Second accesit Falla Jesus - Sant Francesc de Borja No. 173
Third accesit Falla Lo Rat Penat No. 31
Fourth accesit Falla Molinell - Alboraia No. 120

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