Ninot Indultat Child of the Fallas 2018

The ninot of the Falla Barrio Beter’, the work of the artist Sergio G’mez beá that is save them from the fire.

The ninot represents Vincent Engu’damages, master of the silk, which appears in his workshop surrounded by fabrics and falleritas in this beautiful ninot that has expired with 12.631 votes. 

Ninot Indultat Child 2018

These have been the ninots más voted in these Fallas 2018:

1 - Neighborhood Beter’: 12.631 votes Artist: Sergio G’mez
2 - Queen-Peace: 8.130 votes Artist's work: Joan S. Blanch
3 - Convent Jerusalemén: 2.373 votes work of the Artist: José Gallego
4 - Joaquín Costa-C. Altea: 1.224 votes Artist: Mario Pérez
5 - A. Valencia-S. Valero: 924 votes Artist's work: The commission’re
6 - Borrull-Turia: 737 votes Artist: Daniel Guitarte
7 - Exhibit’n: 705 votes Artist's work: Cap de Suro
8 - Maestro Gozalbo: 620 votes Artist's work: Iván Tortajada
9 - Frederic Mistral-Murta: 597 votes work by Artist: Vincent Domínguez
10 - More-Moraira: 478 votes  work of the Artist: Pedro Rodríguez

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