25 anniversary of the Falla Llorers architect Lucini

Falla Llorers - Arquitecto Lucini

Falla Llorers architect Lucini Commission held this exercise 25 years planting Fallas, with enthusiasm, many ideas and, above all, want to work and take our party to the top.

It was precisely during another Olympic year, nothing less that were celebrated in Spain the Olympics. All of us who are: ran in 1992.
A group of friends and neighbors of the Valencian Ideal neighborhood gather regularly in a bar in the area. A group of Valencia's heart, young, with young children and, above all, lovers of Fallas, began to forge what is today our modest but enthusiastic, Commission.

The foundations of our still young fails, which began its journey, with 97 falleros, opposite the 140 that we have today were forged in this bar. A small Falla that anything else be already had a small casal in architect Lucini of Valencia Street.
With the number of census Board Central Fallera 370, the Commission joined the Rascanya Sector, although during the second exercise was requested change to the Zaidia Sector and since then we belong to the same.

Little by little the Commission strengthened, thanks to a policy of openness to all the neighborhood, through the realization of a multitude of events, festivals, fairs and activities, where anyone could participate and much effort from all members.

During these years, and thanks to our spirit of improvement we've been through four offices. Of all of them is our current casal, located in the Avenida de la Constitución, number 115, of Valencia, which shows our firm purpose of evolution.

In our eagerness to work for the party, aside from the events of any Commission, we have organized large acts as presets to courts of Honor of Zaida sector.
Also noteworthy is that in our short history we have had the honor of having a component of the Court of Honor of the Fallera greater child Valencia 2011, the girl Sara Sancho Genovés.

Throughout this year, we are working on several projects, exclusive for the commemoration of our silver wedding. Among others:
For the celebrations of San Juan and initiative of our delegation of children and with the collaboration of our Fallas artist, Toni Fornés, a reproduction of the first child Falla that planted our Commission has been.

You are creating a group of Valencian traditional dances, which will start its journey next month of October and we hope let us great moments.
We will celebrate a cultural week, with the date yet to be determined, where we will discuss in detail throughout our history, along with activities, exhibitions and perhaps some debate.
In February we will celebrate a gala of the 25th anniversary, where we hope to join us all the highest representatives that our Committee has had. We will make the presentation of a commemorative book, with our history.

However, in our effort to do good things and that this year will be unforgettable for our Committee, stay tuned promptly along throughout the exercise.

25 anniversary of the Falla Llorers architect Lucini 25 anniversary of the Falla Llorers architect Lucini 25 anniversary of the Falla Llorers architect Lucini 25 anniversary of the Falla Llorers architect Lucini 25 anniversary of the Falla Llorers architect Lucini

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