A Nadal's Paper in the Falla Na Jordana

Falla Plaza Na Jordana

This year, NA JORDANA you shows:

The creative and original exhibition "a NADAL'S PAPER"

The use of the paper for the preparation of Nativity scenes has with a long tradition. According to the experts, already in the century 17TH is copied figures and is made recorded to the etching that then is moved to paper and is cut for Mount births. In the century 19TH is introduced in the territory Spanish it technical of the cromolitografía, made that enabled it broadcasting popular of them Nativity scenes of paper, fundamentally in Catalonia and the Islands Balearic Islands, following a fashion very extended in all Europe Central. The first birth of paper printed in Spain dates from 1886.

Them Nativity scenes of paper have been very varied depending on the ability of the cartoonist, its creativity, their tastes aesthetic or his personal vision and interpretation of the passage Evangelical to develop. Equal that occurred with the style Neapolitan, this type of Nativity scenes perpetuated them customs, the forms of dress and them characters own of the time in that is strengthened.

This mode of cribs has adopted different variants. Thus, there are births cut-out, detachable, drop-down or made from the system pop-up. All this implies that, for its creation, besides the participation of a designer, painter or cartoonist is required the involvement of a "engineer of paper" or person qualified to them different elements constituent is articulate properly and the joint can arm is with ease.

This year, NA JORDANA, on the occasion of the festivals Christmas, you offers a display that shows:

-An origami Bethlehem carried out under the guidelines of the Association Spanish de Papiroflexia in Valencia.

-A collection of Nativity scenes from paper from various periods from 9 different European countries (Germany, England, Austria, France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Czech Republic), as well as Mexico, Australia or the United States, as well as a wide variety of copies printed belenisticos in different Spanish cities with which grandparents and grandchildren are regodearán.

-A series of near 200 copies of Nativity scenes of paper from of the collection particular of JAIME P. BALADO, usual collaborator in several exhibitions monographic that have had place by all our territory autonomic, as well as in several capital of Aragon or Castile-Leon.

-A selection of Nativity scene cutout published in albums of cartoons of all the times.

-Two Nativity scenes designed expressly for the occasion by the humorist graphic Antonio Ortiz, Ortifus and the Illustrator graphic Carlos sliding that we provide your particular vision and adaptation on the theme to them times that run.

In final, your Falla of always you presents its peculiar contribution to the statement of our party as Heritage Cultural intangible of the humanity, within it line undertaken from 2005 by the collective that has got confer its particular footprint to this manifestation craft linked to the cycle festive of Christmas, offering proposed always original and different, without lose in no time it intention basic of it tradition nearby , or the relationship of what offers with the Valencian context.

In days of open hearts to open wide the doors of our casal and invite you to share with us some Christmas paper.

December 11, 2016, to January 4, 2017
(Opening December 11 13.00.)

Weekdays: from 17.00 h to 21.00 h.
Saturdays and bank holidays: 10.00 h to 14.00 h and from 17.00 h to 21.00 h.
Closed: Sunday 18 (morning and afternoon); Saturday 24 (afternoon); Sunday 25th (morning); Saturday 31 (afternoon) and Sunday 1 (tomorrow).

Free entrance.

Donations are welcome and if we buy lottery for Christmas or the child draws, better!

You can find us at: Salvador Giner, 9-bass, 46003 Valencia

Tel. 96 391 40 32.

najordana@najordana.es; www.najordana.es #betlemnajordana; #najordanamola

Follow us: Twitter: @najordana.es

A Nadal's Paper in the Falla Na Jordana A Nadal's Paper in the Falla Na Jordana A Nadal's Paper in the Falla Na Jordana

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