A sustainable Belén-Na Jordana 2013

Falla Plaza Na Jordana

"In days of open hearts, you open wide the doors of our headquarters"

Na Jordana shows you:

A Bethlehem, that we have applied the rule of the three RS in order to encourage the reduction of consumption and the recycling and reuse of glass containers.

A creative installation that transforms the piltrafa ornamental or artistic object and the serial and product consumption in a fun and sophisticated single piece.

An installation which seeks to sensitize the habit of recycling as an act responsible and necessary if we don't want to spoil the environment.

A proposed scenic and manners that recreates the birth and Christmas from any place of the world environment, because the values and principles of sustainability must be universal.

Work 100% craft that has behaved: dig in containers; empty warehouses, porches, and bunkers; race to the trail; order souvenirs to more travellers; give it Tin friends; store; Soak and untagging packaged; sort bottles by sizes and colors; dyeing water with dyes; chalk, chop and salt it; cut glass and learn techniques as decoupage; documents in the traditional fashion of global reach and above all... imagine!

A Bethlehem media of obligatory visit for the family audience to get the Christmas festivities.

Not shy and come see our glass Bethlehem!

* 105 square metres

* More than 6,000 bottles

* 600 figures

* 640 incandescent bulbs

One year more the Cultural Association Fallera NA JORDANA © invites you to visit the Bethlehem that their components have been developed.

Since 2005 this group has managed to give their particular mark to this craft demonstration linked to the festive cycle of Christmas all and offering proposals always original and different, without ever losing the basic intention to the belemistica tradition involved, nor the relationship of what offers the own Christmas holiday context.

In the Bethlehem this year have been inserted figures made from glass bottles classified by their color into five groups: green, blue, opaque, amber or transparent, with more ornamental possibilities because the latter enable the option to be filled with liquid and dyes, sand, chips, salt or chalk color. Glass wands with silicone have served to set the upper extremities and incandescent bulbs (of those that already are not manufactured to contain a minimal but bad amount of mercury in Europe) have been enabled as all heads and losing its harmful character to acquire strength decorative. Paper, fabric, wool, the hook point, the trimmings, the tears of lamparon, glass marbles, stickers and other elements have been allowed to confer a human aspect and characterize them according to the traditional clothing of the country which intends to represent. The industrial design of the bottle or label it bedding also helped when assigning them a specific nationality.

Up to 32 nationalities (the Spanish segmented representative figures of 9 different autonomous communities) are represented by means of bottles, packaging, which also is the trump card for the construction of some of the most famous monuments of herding in the world that contextualize them as: the Moscow Cathedral of Holy Basil; Santa Sofia of Constantinople; the Taj Mahal, Berlin Brandenburg Gate, the Atomium of Brussels, the statue of liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Coliseum, the Mexican pyramid of Kukulcan, London Tower Bridge or Valencian Miguelete.

The main gospel passages of the birth of the Messiah are within the imaginative cosmopolitan international context, in which the new mission of the Redeemer is none other than the educate all cultures and societies to become more sustainable.

Perhaps the secret of this Bethlehem is that it has no secret.

"Revive Christmas traditions and customs "valencianes with Na Jordana, always ingeniously and" different".



Of the 9 of December 2013 to January 4, 2014

Weekdays: from 17.00 to 21.30 h.

Holidays: from 10.00 to 14.00 h and from 17.00 to 21.30 h.

Closed afternoons on 24 and 25 December and the morning of
New year.

(Visits arranged with groups)

Free entrance

Donations are accepted

(Estrenanos or tempts us the luck of the Christmas Gordo or child)

You can find us at:

Salvador Giner, 9-down.

46003 Valencia

Fabric. 96 391 40 32 - 639.89.22.18




A sustainable Belén-Na Jordana 2013

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