Antonio Cherino is elected President of the Falla Trinitat Alboraia

Falla Trinidad - Alboraya

The Falla Trinitat Alboraia chooses for the third consecutive year to Antonio Cherino Talens to be in front of the Commission.

The Cultural Association Falla Trinitat Alboraia starts a new exercise Fallas. This Centennial Commission of the District of Zaidia again places all its trust in Antonio Cherino Talens as President.

The Board of Directors that accompanies Cherino is composed of more than 30 falleros going to work throughout the year to make the Commission work properly. Jordi Poquet commanded by the delegation's Secretary, Alejandro Dobón as Senior Vice President in the area of economy, José Manuel Calatayud as second Vice-President in the coordination of celebrations, Daniel Cabanillas as third Vice-Chairman in the cultural field, Javier Domínguez as fourth Vice President in the coordination and supervision of shopping, Andrea Rodríguez as Vice President fifth in the coordination of loam Romero as the sixth Vice President in support of the Vice Chairs and communication and coordination with the various delegations.

Antonio Cherino is elected President of the Falla Trinitat Alboraia

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