ARA MÉS QUE MAI - AMQM 2016-2017 - solidarity project of the Falla Naquera Lauri Volpi

Falla Náquera - Lauri Volpi

Begins a new year Faller, and from Burjassot Falla Naquera Lauri Volpi, from the delegation of Social work we welcome to the 2017 Fallas.

So one year we undertake a new challenge of social commitment. Under the motto "ARA MÉS QUE MAI - 2016-2017 AMQM ¨, the delegation of Social work will encourage our Committee, friends, neighbors, media, sponsors,... already veterans projects within our Committee, as well as other new initiatives, campaigns of awareness-raising and social commitment, by which we are going to work."

New projects will reinforce the social awareness of our Committee; on the so-called "rare" diseases, cuts, discrimination, abuse, social and architectural barriers, etc, so thank you, and thank the media who keep supporting us and spread one more year our campaigns.

We also thank in advance to all of our sponsors and partners who collaborate with us in different projects, already veterans, both new that can do so.

And as not, give millions of thanks to all those anonymous people working in each of our projects, since they make it possible that there is a ray of hope in many families.

ARA MÉS QUE MAI - AMQM 2016-2017 - solidarity project of the Falla Naquera Lauri Volpi

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