Artists of Fallas and Bonfires are demanding that the Fallas have a minimum price

Les Fogueres of Alicante are not allowed to enter in the contest if the foguera has a value below 8,000€

The Federació d'Artistes Fallers i Foguerers of the Comunitat Valenciana (formed by the Guild of Artists of the Bonfires of Alicante, Guild Provincial Artists and Artisans Fallas Burriana and Guild Artisan Artists Fallas de Valencia) to inform you that we have requested the Central Board Fallera and to its Full and to the Assembly of Presidents such as competent bodies, study the possibility of establishing a minimum value of Falla, applicable progressively in the coming years, to be able to enter in the contest, given the current quantities that we consider, not only the amounts, but insufficient to be able to do a job worthy and professional, and more now with the consideration of Intangible cultural Heritage of Humanity of the festival of las Fallas.

Also, we note that in Alicante, in Les Fogueres de Sant Joan, there is a minimum of 8,000 € in order to compete. We believe that this amount would be more consistent with the reality and the artistic and aesthetics of our works and with more interest for the purposes of tourism.
We also consider it necessary that, before the gap in the different categories in terms of inequalities of volumes and work, write a few measures of base and height in sections so that all the fellow artists falleros we can compete in equality of opportunities, just as there are Fallas as children and in the Exhibition of the Ninot each year.

In this way, we consider that all the above will benefit of the party and in pro of the sustainability of the profession of Artist Fallero, which is so maligned today, and in a situation of serious crisis.

We request, therefore, the help of the representatives of the party, the chairmen of each commission’n of Valencia, and of the highest organ of management, the Central Board Fallera, in this initiative that is not intended to another target, rather than to realize real solutions to the acclaimed campaign #VolemFalla.

Artists of Fallas and Bonfires are demanding that the Fallas have a minimum price

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