Awards Contest of Nativity scenes to 2018 Grouping Fallas by the Sea

The Jury, made up of Luis Vela, fallas and Jury of Nativity scenes of JCF in various editions, José Luis Ceballos and Paco Sanabria, fallas artists, creators of figures for nativity scenes, Judges of Nativity scenes of JCF alsoén in several editions, afterés having visited all the Nativity participants and the discussion appropriate, conclude reward to the following committees:

the 1st Prize: Falla Groups in Virgin del Carmen.
the 2nd Prize: Falla Industry - Saints Justo and Pastor.
the 3rd Prize: Falla Avda.Malvarrosa - Antonio Ponz - Cavite.

the 1st Prize: Falla Yecla - Cardinal Benlloch.
the 2nd Prize: Vidal of Cañelles - Sánchez Coello.
the 3rd Prize: Falla of José Benlliure - Theater of The Navy.

the 1st Prize: Falla Justo Vilar - Market of the Caba&bath;al.
the 2nd Prize: Falla Neighborhood Beter’.

the 1st Prize: Falla Maestro Valls - Marino Albesa.
the 2nd Prize: Falla Barraca - Espadán.
the 3rd Prize: Falla Progress - Theater Navy.
The sábado December 15, in the Plaza de la Cruz del Canyamelar to 18:30, is hará delivery of the Prizes of the Contest of Nativity scenes to 2018 of the Agrupaci’n Falla of the Marítimo, counting with the presence of the Fallera mayor Infantil of Valencia 2019, Sara Larrazábal Bernal, along with his Court of Honor.

The event will count with the performance of the Choir of the Centro de Estudios Marni, next to the christmas tree to the plaza.

Awards Contest of Nativity scenes to 2018 Grouping Fallas by the Sea

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