Carla Pérez López, Faller greater child 2014

Falla Plaza del Pilar

Carla already wears the band certifying it as Fallera more children of the Falla Plaza del Pilar

Between nerves and emotion, Alex Pérez López, child President was in charge of receiving the smallest of the falleros from the Plaza of the Pilar.En Finally, and aided by Álvaro Mateu, infantile President in 2013, they received the Leyre Güil, our brand-new greatest 2013 Fallera, who today is flashed to a charge that have brought great honour and responsibility.

Once all the child Commission prepared onstage, was the moment that the presenters, Rosa and Patricia (who wore traditional clothing made with fabric "Falla Plaza el Pilar") announced the name of the girl who will be our Fallera Mayor Infantil, the Auditorium of the Caxton College is because standing to receive the girl Carla Pérez López.

Once seated on his throne, and wearing his band of Fallera Mayor came the words of affection by its maintainer Teresa Mateu Clavell, Fallera Mayor of this Committee in 1984; that highlighted all the virtues of our little ones.Alex and Carla are very affectionate, tender and Falla.They are brothers and belong to one of the most emblematic families of the Commission.His mother was Fallera Mayor Infantil, and in 1991 Fallera Mayor of this Committee now chaired by his uncle, José López.

Many were those who in a special day wanted to congratulate Carla, and thank you to those that join us. Fallas friends as the Falla Creu i Mislata, Falla "Els Doctors" or "Highway Barcelona-Camino Moncada", the Fallas of our special Federation, and our dear sector pillar - Sant especially exciting for all Francesc.Siendo who was Carmen Ara Hervás, Fallera Mayor Infantil de Quart Palomar, which also belonged to this Commission, charge provide the memory that the Sector presents all the major fallers.

Also together with Rafael Barberá Rico, Fallas Committee and President of the Altar of San Vicente in the Plaza del Pilar, children who participate in "The Miracle" during the vicentina party wanted to congratulate Alex and Carla.Cabe highlight the curiosity that Alex and Carla (in addition to participate also in els miracles") are this year the children's representatives of this Altar that we share much more than location.

Finished the most solemn and formal act part, our children's delighted us with the work "1,2,3..."ACCIO, to vore com ix aco"where surprised us with his skills of interpretation and his grace to dancing, even those falleritos who are still learning their first steps...They overcame nerves and shame to succeed with this aproposit Marie Perez. addressed congratulations to her and the entire delegation of children for such a fantastic job!

The Act ended with light, President, José and Fallera Mayor; and Alex and Carla in the stage enjoying the apotheosis end of the intentional prepared to celebrate than Carla, is already officially Fallera Mayor Infantil 2014 of the Falla Plaza del Pilar

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