Caudete presents the Official Program of the visit of the Virgin of the Helpless

The Virgin Peregrin will visit Castilla La Mancha for the first time, specifically the town of Albacete Caudete between the días 8 and 10 June, highlighting  of the program of acts   as prepared, the welcome that the people will provideá upon arrival with salvos and escort of the Civil Guard and to coincide with romeríto the pastoral care of the sick and elderly of the Village.

Important to alsoén to beá the día 9, dedicated to the or&years & or&damages;as of the town and who participateán in  the Romeríto doá with the Holy Image around the streets of the old town and where there will beá p’lvora, choirs and traditional dances and discoverá a plate of cerámica where you immortalizeá important visit.

In the &number;last día, Lady of The Forsaken visitá the nursing home and in the parish of St. Catherine, the Bishop of Albacete chairá la eucarist’.

In the words of the Mayor Caudetano  indicated that" This visit to Caudete beíto be very positive from a point hist’rico and alsoén econ’mico, as they strengthená la economílocal".  For his part, Emilio Catalán as president of the Association’n Cultural Valencia  and part organizer, agradeci’ collaborate’n of companies and local businesses for their sponsorship and invited to participate in all the acts and to know Caudete.

it Is necessary to remember that the Caudate was one of the 29 Villas Real  with voice and vote in the Courts of Kings during their membership in the Kingdom of Valencia and that está location  saves an important vílink hist’rich with our land.

Caudete perteneci’ to the Kingdom of Valencia between 1240 and 1707, when, after the Battle of Almansa and as a punishment for supporting the cause of the Archduke Charles of Austria, was separated without their consent in the Valencian  with the losses that this entailed.

Caudete presents the Official Program of the visit of the Virgin of the Helpless

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