Celia and Marta are chosen Falleras Mayores to 2018 Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzatti

Falla San Vicente - Periodista Azzatti

Celia García Lever and Marta García Ca&bathrooms;adas are chosen Falleras Mayores to 2018, a&bath;or full of illusions

Celia García Lever to beá the Fallera Mayor of the Commission’re in a stage in which the Falla San Vicente está consolidating your social growth, and achieving numerous awards.

Celia Garcíto happen to Laura Giménez, fallera major of the 75th Anniversary of the Offering and, together with previous falleras mayores, supported your choice’n in a día of great emotion.

The Commission’re chose’ as Fallera mayor Infantil for 2018 to the nor&bath;Marta García Ca&bathrooms;adas, who acudi’ Casal Xe after being appointed by the President of the Commission’.

The Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzati already has new   falleras mayores.  In the course of the Extraordinary General Meeting held on the evening of Friday, June 9, were chosen Celia García shifter as Fallera Mayor and Marta García Ca&bathrooms;adas as Fallera mayor Infantil  for the Fallas 2018.

The Fallera Mayor, Celia García Lever, beá mámaximum representative of the Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzati in an exercise in which the Commission’n está consolidating your social growth, and está present in many activities of the world fallas, getting more and más awards.

After two years of hist’rich celebrations (the Centennial of the Commission’n and the 75th Anniversary of the creation’n of the Offering), the exercise 2017-2018 has begun with the recognition of Paquita Pérez-Fallera Mayor than inaugur’ the Offering with our Commission’n-, renovation’n Vicente Martínez and contrataci’n &Rsquo;scar Villada as artists and the choice’n José Luis Cuenca and Miguel Áangel Rodríguez as presidents. In this sense, the designaci’n Celia has alsoén a component hist’rich, since this is the tataranieta of Agustín Jordán, the founder-president of the Commission’n in a&bath;or 1917.

The Fallera Major of 2017, Laura Giménez, felicit’ Celia and you take’ a fantáplastic reign, equal to that which she has enjoyed. It gives the curious circumstance that, for the first time in the más 100&years of history of the Falla, the Fallera Mayor membershipá to a third generation’n (that is to say, that his mother -Mª Under Lever-  and his grandmother -Amparín Sanz - were already Falleras Mayores of the Commission’re in the&years 1981 and 1961 respectively).

Celia García is rushed’ to the Board, and how’ his great alegría for the choice’re. “I Am very happy for this appointment and very grateful to all those who have put a bit of their part to fulfill this sue&bath;or, in special to my parents. Además, it makes me special ilusi’re sharing this a&bath;or with Marta, Miguel Áangel and José Luis and we hope to be at the same height of our predecessors”, said Celia, smiling at all times.

The Fallera mayor Infantil, Marta García Ca&bathrooms;adas, leadá the Commission’n Child, which alsoén está living exercises of growth, especially in activities such as Horseback riding. Marta Garcíto happen to Adriana Pérez in this post of so much importance in the Commission’re a Child.

The president of the Commission’n, José Luis Basin, was put in touch with Marta Garcíto través teléfono and connec’ news. The new Fallera mayor Infantil agradeci’ the appointment and movements’ immediately to the Casal Xe where watertight’ with the wizards one of the días más happy in his life faller. Alsoén it is worth noting, as a curious fact, that the two mothers of the new Falleras Mayores held those same positions together at the a&bath;or 1981.

once elected both representatives, the Board travels to the homes of the two falleras mayores to perform the “Claim&worse;”, an act that has been recovered recently and in which the Commission’n communicates officially the appointments made. In fact, the sábado 10 de June place’ the event corresponding to the Fallera Mayor, Celia Garcíto Pry.

Celia and Marta are chosen Falleras Mayores to 2018 Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzatti Celia and Marta are chosen Falleras Mayores to 2018 Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzatti Celia and Marta are chosen Falleras Mayores to 2018 Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzatti Celia and Marta are chosen Falleras Mayores to 2018 Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzatti

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