Celia and Marta have been named Falleras Mayores 2018 of the Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzati

Falla San Vicente - Periodista Azzatti

Celia García Lever and Marta García Ca&bathrooms;adas have been officially named as Falleras Mayores 2018

The Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzati has officially named Celia García shifter as Fallera Mayor for the year 2017-2018. In a solemn ceremony, held in the Ateneo Mercantil of Valencia, the President of the Commission’n, José Luis Basin, delivery’ Celia a box certifying such appointment, an a&bath;or very important for the Falla, because for the first time in its modern history (from the a&bath;or 1958) plantingá their monuments out of the intersection of San Vicente and Journalist Azzati.

José Luis Basin, in a speech full of references hist’rich of the Commission’n, described Celia as a person “responsible, organized, constant smile and a great heart,’n”.  The president reiter’ Celia has become Fallera Major “with much effort and afterés to get two challenges as demanding as the career of Medicine and the obtenci’n of a square MIR in Valencia”.

Basin has highlighted that Celia “has a history detrás very fallera, as his great-great-grandfather, Agustín Jordán, was the first president and one of the founders of the Commission’n in a&bath;or 1917”. Did alsoén reference to “two families in the neighborhood, viv’an in the calle Padilla and calle Garrigues, surgi’ yours that stayed with us’ in the calle San Vicente, which shows a relationship’re direct with the sites más emblemáticos of the Commission’n”.

For her part, Celia García, with a firm voice, explanation’ that this appointment “it is a sue&bath;or to m’ because it meets a goal that I have come with a lot of effort. I love all the moments of the fallas festival, but to live it in the falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzati to mí más.”

Celia has described this appointment as “a pleasure and an honor. Además, it makes me special ilusi’n match with Marta García, because our mothers were Falleras Mayores together in the a&bath;or 1981”. Celia, además, desvel’ that the maintainer of your Exaltaci’n to beá Félix Crespo, former president of the Junta Central Fallera and very close friend of the family.

Marta García named Fallera mayor Infantil

The last díto 21 October takes place’ alsoén the appointment of Marta García Ca&bathrooms;adas as Fallera mayor Infantil of the Commission’re. The event took the stage as the Casal Xe of the Commission’n, coraz’n of our demarcaci’n, and that once más, alberg’ an act so solemn as it comes&bath;reliable.

The president child, Miguel Áangel Rodríguez Solivares, not escatim’ praise for the new Fallera mayor Infantil that classed’ as “pretty, simpática and great falla”. For Miguel Áangel, “I am sure that Martha's going to be a great fallera mayor and that all of the or&years, we will pass an a&bath;or exceptional, along with the Delegaci’n of Children”.

For its part, Marta García, in a quiet tone but was carrying some nervousness, insisti’ in that the appointment will hacía “special ilusi’re able to live an a&bath;or unforgettable with Miguel Áangel.” Agradeci’ to his parents “the support in an a&bath;or so special”, his brother Mario “the tips that I give” and, in general, all the Commission’re “for being by my side in every one of the acts”.

The two Falleras Mayores did not forget to highlight the great work carried out by its predecessors, and the chairs that they accompanied&bath;aron during the&years 2016 and 2017, which celebrated the Centenary of the Commission’n and the 75th Anniversary of the Creation’re Offering.

Celia and Marta have been named Falleras Mayores 2018 of the Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzati Celia and Marta have been named Falleras Mayores 2018 of the Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzati Celia and Marta have been named Falleras Mayores 2018 of the Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzati

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