Communiqué from the Casal Bernat i Baldoví on the publication of the poems in the book Faller

In front of the news appeared in the means of communication, relating to the refusal of Central Board Fallera to publish in the official book Faller 2016 the poems that annually dedicated to the Falleres of Valencia the Extraordinary Prize-winning poet Bernat i Baldoví – this year, the Landlord is also a partner in Cabrera, CBiB cultural association you want to state the following:

1) satirical literature and Valencian festive is one of the main and unique keys of the Festival of Las Fallas. A phenomenon which, in addition, it establishes an uninterrupted link between the Golden Century of the Valencian Language and today. This is in addition to one of the values collected in the case expressly that it has commenced for the recognition of our Festival as Intangible Cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

2) the poems dedicated to the Main Falleres are a tradition of the official book Faller – as they are, in general, most scripts de falla – practically from that began his editing. Although at first the selection of the author of these poems was discretionary, in 2007 the then responsible for his edition took the wise decision of the Extraordinary Prize-winning poet Bernat i Baldoví (highest award of the centenary scripts contest de Lo Rat Penat) out in charge of composing the poems for the book the following year. Aixina has been doing since that time.

3) Find incomprehensible that a Central Board Fallera proclaimed the need to "revalencianisar" the party or to protect his "plurality", and that in addition is made up of, among other, by people who were members of the Commission that raised the record of the Fallas as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity UNESCO, take the decision to remove one of the few examples of official recognition to poets holidays : the great falleres traditions from the abused if we compare some other samples of popular culture as the pyrotechnics, the clothes, the music, or the construction of Fallas. A few poems that, in addition, are a recognition of the entire collective faller in the figure of the Falleres over our city.

4) increase outrage when he notes that the poetesa in charge of the composition of these poems, ya, the Landlord had written aixina Cabrera, he had been required initially by JCF. And that the only possible reason that has been aduït to deny his publication is that they are written in Valencian regulations according to the Royal Academy of Valencian Culture dictates and that, therefore, do not follow the official Catalan spelling.

5) only from a profunt denominationalism and from contempt to the freedom of expression-freedom of expression amparada, in addition, by the regulation in force this aberrant decision can understand – faller, than in any other part of the world receives the name of censorship. A posture that returns to ignite old controversy, remember ràncies practices of the past, the Division of collective faller and endanger the peaceful coexistence between sensitivities you've always caracterisat to our party. Another of his inalienable values that cooperating is to protect and promote effectively.

For all the above, the Bernat i Baldoví demands in Central Board Fallera and, in particular, those in charge of the edition of the official book Faller, the immediate rectification of this decision, and the publication of the poems in the book of 2016 ya composed by Landlord Cabrera of linguistic Pact in the consolidated criteria so far. Communiqué from the Casal Bernat i Baldoví on the publication of the poems in the book Faller

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