Comunicado del Casal Bernat i Baldoví

In the heart of Central Board Fallera held yesterday, 19 giner, the Festive Culture Councillor of the city of Valencia, Pedro Fuset, informed that rectified it his initial determination not to publish the poems of the poetesa Landlord Cabrera in the book Faller, and stated that "they seek the formula" for inclusion in his integrity.

The Bernat i Baldoví is pleased by this decision, and you want to publicly congratulate the Lord Fuset to return to the path of the esme, diàlec, harmony and respect for the will of the majority of presidents Assembly Fails.  We only ask that the Councilor's afanye to ensure that the person responsible for the publication of the book are the poems, so that his good will not remain frustrated by the determinis.

However, we must remember that the request of the presidents went beyond the publication of the poems. It also demanded that those responsible for the publication of the book Faller , ensured "a proper representation of the two sensibilities llingüístiques and, of course, respect the llingüístic criterion that each partner choose freely for his work, which must be published without discrimination or modifications, ya is in the rules of the RACV or in that of the AVL, always based on criteria of maximum valencianitat language."

The Landlord's poems are a symbol, but thefull normal is alcançarà if the above condition is taken into account in the future, both in future editions of the book Faller and a few other documents, in which, although they are promoted by JCF, participation of different authors or commissions to individual title.

Desigem remember also that in some other areas, such as on the bases of the Ministry of culture which regulate the award of prizes and grants the use of Valencian, for the first time in the history have been excluded all commissions using the rules of the RACV in your scripts, such as our Association denounced on 30 December.

We ask the Lord that it take note of its rectification Marzà companyer party, and solicitem the Lord Minister to you in front of the intercedixca Fuset, of linguistic Pact in the spirit expressed by the Assembly of presidents, stop without saying effect decision of the Ministry, by excluding and contrary to the plurality and freedom of expression of writers and falleres committees.

All this becomes clear more than ever the need to modify the current language llegislació. It is not medieval times that, in a democratic and pluralistic society as the Valencian, existixquen laws that can be taken as a justification for limiting, discriminate against or suppress the free expression and freedom of creation of writers and individuals who utilisen every day the Valencian Language (RACV), or according to the dictates of normativisada for impondre to the whole society a particular ideological view of language or identity.

A commitment to peaceful coexistence and freedom, and not by the imposition or the unique thought, should be the standard of all our politicians. Our Association will continue spreading in the festive world these values of freedom and valencianitat, as it has done since its foundation.

In the city of Valencia, in 20 of Giner 2016

Comunicado del Casal Bernat i Baldoví

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