Concierto in favor of MAIDES Falla Santa Maria Micaela – Martin the humane

Falla Santa Maria Micaela - Martín el Humano

"We are Els Desamparats" gives continuity to the project through various activities, the Falla of Saint Maria Micaela - Martí l' Humà, was proposed to be collaborating with the MAIDES Foundation (Foundation Mare de Déu dels Innocents i Desamparats)

The target was in its beginning, and is actualmernte, the to raise awareness to Valencian society social work made by MAIDES, continuing the work of father Jofré with the mentally ill; In addition to helping raise funds that support residencies which have currently in Godella and Burjassot, which cater to people with mental disorders at risk of social exclusion and poverty.

The feel of the Falla Santa Maria Micaela - Marti l´huma is to continue this project that was initiated in December 2011, with "Estic en els Desamparats": advertisement for television and radio production, inset in the Levante newspaper, and the "Nit dels Desamparats" at the IVAM with dinner, performances by Sole Jiménez and Carlos Goñi, among others, and with subsequent raffle of works of art donated by different Valencian artists to do so.

During the month of September of 2013, the proposal of the Commission to continue with the project, Talia was the production of a play, "Star Desamparats, an unfinished musical", written and directed by a member of the Commission, with the participation of famous Valencian actors and members of the Commission, representing it in the theater in 4 functions.

In this present exercise Fallas, 2014-15, under the name of "Estem en els Desamparats", the Commission proponr a concert which will take place on Sunday, November 30, at 18, 00 h. in theatre the Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia (Plaza del Ayuntamiento No. 18).

A concert by the Group song & Soul, known popularly as the finalist of the televised competition "You really are worth", with an approximate duration of 90 minutes.

Both group participation song & Soul, as of the Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia will be selfless, not charging any of them anything for renting the Hall, or for the action. Two other companies that have selflessly collaborated in this event, have been the press Aguna (printing tickets and posters) and "Sinmas" (design and realization poster) Design Studio.

Fundraising carried out both by selling tickets as it entered at row 0, will therefore be integrated for the sustenance of the residences of MAIDES, i.e. for the mentally ill...

The price of the tickets is 8 euros and can be purchased at:

-MAIDES. Office: 15 Samaniego, 1st. 10, 00 h 00, 13 h. and shop of religious objects "El Micalet". C / 3 Micalet

-Casal Santa Maria Micaela - Marti Falla l´huma. C / Santa María Micaela 11, bass. Day 21, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 November 19, 00 h at 21, 00 h.

Row 0: La Caixa. IS 18 2100 4459 51 0200076700

The solidarity activities of this Commission are not only in the Organization of this event. Together with MAIDES perform other activities during this period, for example the cooperation from members of the Falla in the making of a Falla that will be in its demarcation by the insane of the residences, as well as different activities being carried out and in favour of solidarity organizations or individuals who need it, and which encompass our solidarity proposal for this year Fallas

Concierto in favor of MAIDES Falla Santa Maria Micaela – Martin the humane

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