On the occasion of certain news to media communication concerning a disciplinary record instituted by the Central Board Fallera against D. Julián Caballero and Dª. Maribel Molina for a possible violation of the Fallas regulation when they were part of the directive Board of the Falla career Målilla, the firm's lawyers have to show that

not been notified customers any decision in this regard by it is causing them helplessness since not can refute publicly expressed by the Fallera Central Board to ignore the legal and factual arguments that have led to that institution to take such a decision. It is unacceptable that prior to his knowledge by stakeholders already is is reporting publicly the contents of the aforementioned resolution. Even without knowing the content of the common resolution can manifest that our clients have not been called officially in order to be able to appear or appear in person at the record penalties so it has to be resolved without its
intervention. On the other hand, the resolution of the Board Central Fallera is not sound because that might be the corresponding appeal against it by what can not be how certain facts that are contained as well it seems that the media have made it.

During the period in which were members of the directive Board of the Falla career Målilla, D. Julián Caballero and Dª. Maribel Molina always acted unselfish and diligent way. It is not true that Mr. Julián Caballero has assumed as their own debt that is said to exist in the aforementioned Falla. That is not possible, since it is unknown the accounting data because it is not a professional in that field and only presenting were the accounts and balance sheets, which in turn made the person in charge of this. What is clear is that if there is any debt in the same Falla would obey ordinary expenses and the activity streams fallera.

In his day, D. Julián Caballero was forced to resign prior to the vote on a motion of censure in order to not cause any prejudice to the Falla. At that time, my client requested that he is an external audit of the accounts of the Falla which refused the new Board of Directors. As it has come to attention of my clients, it seems that Falla has been carried out an internal audit from members of the own Falla without technical qualification for that purpose. As of today, not the deficit which is said to exist has been credited.

This law firm is going to study the information posted and disseminated, as well as certain records and documents which have been made you get, if them is infiriera that it is has been able to violate the fundamental right of the honor of my clients, and if so, will advise to them the exercise of the corresponding legal actions.

In Valencia, to twenty-first day of November in the year one two thousand and thirteen.
William Arago Hervás
Col. nº 5532 ‐ ICAV

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