Delivery Premi Floor, Pedal i Chain-2018

Falla Gayano Lluch - Dr. Marco Merenciano

The pr’ximo Tuesday 15 may, deliverá Premi Plant&aggravation;, Pedal i Chain 2018, at 20:00 hours in our casal fallero located at calle Domingo G’mez, 21.

The event countá with the presence of the representatives of the Fallas of secci’n childhood special 2018, the fallas artists of the same secci’n and falleras and falleros and friends of the Fallas and of our comisi’.

The act to beá chaired by the Fallera mayor Infantil de Valencia, Miss Daniela G’mez de los Áangeles, our Falleras Mayores, Elena Mª Rivero Sim’n and Luna Pérez Sanabria; our president Cesar Rivero and Mr. Pere Fuset and the councillor for mobility of the town hall. Valencia, D. Giuseppe Grezzi.
The act beá presented by our friend Boron Peir’.

Brief summary of the award:

&are you;Qué is the Premi Plant&aggravation;, Pedal i Chain?
The Commission’n of the Falla Gayano Lluch-Dr. Marco Merenciano launched a new galard’n fallas: the “Award Plant&aggravation; Pedal i Chain” in a&bath;or in 2015.
This award was created with a  dual purpose:  the reward of the finish of the traditional plant&aggravation; Fallas for children who compete each a&bath;or in the section’re special, and the promotion of the use of the bicycle in the urban helmet of the city of Valencia.

&are you;C’mo naci’ the prize?
For many&years a group of falleros of our comisi’re set’ a nice initiative that became’ habit, making a tour of l&number;medical care for all the children fallas of secci’re special, valueándolas and disfrutándolas,  ah’ afterés of consolidating that travel along six to&bathrooms;os and with the experience gained, the Delegaci’n of External Relations and Media Communication’of the commission’n, recogi’ the glove to create officially this interesting galard’.

* The “Award Plant&aggravation; Pedal i Chain” valueá plant&aggravate;s of the children fallas competing in the section’re special.
* The jury composed by members of the commission’n of the Falla Gayano Lluch  and appointed by the delegaci’n of FOREIGN of the 
comisi’n (never less than 3 and never más 7) makeá the bike ride (enhancing and combining as’ the responsible use of the same in our city with the prápractice of sport and the pasi’n by the Fallas) by visiting the Fallas of the section’re special. The route is to beá stipulated and published previously, the ma&bath;ana of March 15, of each a&bath;or fallas at 08:00 h. once you have completed the plant&aggravation; of all the children fallas of the section’re special.
* The Falla Gayano Lluch, the organiser of the prize, to beá out-of-competition.
* The jury will haveá in account the armonía of the plant&aggravation; with the Falla. The Falla of esté integrated in the plant&aggravation; and the plant&aggravation; in the Falla, así as the cleaning of  around.
* Establishes delivery of the “Award Plant&aggravation; pedal i chain”  two months afterés of the plant&aggravation;, all the 15 of may of each a&bath;or at 20:00 hours at the casal of the falla Gayano Lluch. 
* The dinner and ceremony to beán invited máximos representatives of each commission’n that have been planted Falla in the section’re special child.


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Delivery Premi Floor, Pedal i Chain-2018

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