Exaltation of the major maritime Falleras the Fallas by 2016

On the evening of Saturday 6 February the Grouping of Fallas of the maritime held, at the Palau de la Música, the exaltation of its Falleras Mayores. 45 commissions that make up this group, gathered it in the emblematic Iturbi Hall to live this event so important that in the current financial year also already has 25 years celebrated in this wonderful area of the city of Valencia. The Act also attended the citizens group Councilor in the city of Valencia, Under peak, as well as the President of the Semana Santa Marinera of Valencia, Francisco Carles, along with members of its Board.

The President of the group, Manuel Aradilla, along with the maintainer of the Act, Vicente Alventosa, were conducting the official reception to the biggest fallers of the various committees of the Association.
Accompanied by their Presidents s, the representatives of each Committee had its moment of glory on the stage, where they were received one by one by the President, Manuel Aradilla, and received, as well as the Presidents/is that are first in their respective commissions, both children's and older, the corresponding logo in an emotional event that is based rather than feeling Fallas, in the sum of all of them.

It was attended by the Falleras Mayores of Valencia, Sofia and Alicia Moreno, which received the badge of silver and the Gold Badge of the Association, respectively, imposed by the President, which served as host at all times to our highest representatives, as well as their respective courts of Honor.

This visit was very special for three of the components of the Court of Honor child, the girl Irene Gil, Alba Viller and Celia wars, as well as the component of the Court of honour, Miss María Bernabeu, which were received with great affection by the members of his group, who wanted them a great year representing our party. They also received well-deserved recognition with the silver of the Group and a commemorative picture logo.

A great quote that required a large maintainer, and who better than Vicente Alventosa, to devote a few words full of emotion and affection for girls and young ladies who are living a dream Fallas, this year to be the highest representatives of their respective commissions.

This gala also served to pay an emotional tribute to the Biggest Faller in Valencia, Alicia Moreno, belonging to this group, which excited heard as her friend, Arancha Ferrer, dedicated him a few emotional words, which thanked in person handling herself also a few words full of emotion and feeling all the present.
Equally, President Manuel Aradilla, extolled his words with Alice, and he wished him both to it, and to all the major fallers and Presidents/is there present, and the Fallas world in general, some wonderful Fallas 2016.

Delivery of the III Awards Pepe Chiral granted to those persons or entities that defend the Valencian values, culture, language, and above all our party then became fallera as Pepe Chiral, being the winners in this Edition, the own Alicia Moreno Morales, who in turn made delivery also Chimo Roig Quiles of their prize , as Chimo also awarded with this distinction, which recalled the memory of Pepe Chiral managing attendees a few words of gratitude filled with emotion and sentiment Fallas.

As a brooch at the evening, the distribution of rewards, took place with the insignia of silver commissions of the Falla Cedar - Explorer Andres and the Plaza Garcia Morato Falla - Yecla, as well as: Juan Bautista Font Andrés, President of the Aras de Alpuente - Castell de Pop fails, Carlos Martín Benavent, President of the Barrio San Jose fails, Vicente Puig Puchades , Chairman of the Falla José Benlliure - Teatro La Marina and Vicente Sánchez Tapia, of the Falla blocks Platja.

Greater recognition given this grouping, its gold logo, was received by the commissions of the Falla groups Virgen del Carmen and L'alguer - engineer Rafael Janini, which both celebrated their 50th anniversary, as well as José Javier Candela Corell, President Falla Avda Malvarrosa - Antonio Ponz - Cavite, for his 20 years at the head of this Commission.

The event closed with the interpretation of our Regional anthem.

Photographs: Miguel Garcia

Exaltation of the major maritime Falleras the Fallas by 2016 Exaltation of the major maritime Falleras the Fallas by 2016 Exaltation of the major maritime Falleras the Fallas by 2016 Exaltation of the major maritime Falleras the Fallas by 2016 Exaltation of the major maritime Falleras the Fallas by 2016

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