Falla Exaltation 2023 of the Juan Falla of Aguiló - Avenue gaspar aguilar

Falla Juan de Aguiló - Gaspar Aguilar

The afternoon of Saturday, November 12, 2022 will be remembered by our commission for having enjoyed a charm of exaltation! our representatives came to the Salesian theater with a fantastic car of time, where the commission gave him a warm welcome. Once inside the theater, the traditional dance group of our Falla was in charge of opening the show, which gave way to the parade of Fallas and Fallas both of the children's commission and greater, which were received by our presidents, adrián olmos and toni fountains. the presidents also received the ffmm22, valeria hernández and alicia vendrell, to whom they imposed bands of honor presidents. At this time he paraded martiny soul, who nervous, but happy, went up to the stage to receive the band and the joia that make it our oldest childish Falla. marine civera, who died the greatest of valence 2019, acted as a maintainer with a few hearty words. Then came the turn of ovi rodríguez, who was excited, could go through the hallway that led her to fulfill her great dream, become the greatest Falla of the Falla juan de aguiló. the vice president jorge martínez made of maintainer that included the final surprise of the words that nacho dedicated to his mother, Ovi. In order to end the event, the Fallas of the Jesuit sector and friendly Fallas came to congratulate our representatives. the second part of the afternoon was in charge of the artistic picture of reproduction that delighted us with the musical of the film charm. from here we want to congratulate the soul and ovi, who already look so bands like the Fallas greater 2023 of the Falla juan de aguiló – avenida gaspar Aguilar Falla Exaltation 2023 of the Juan Falla of Aguiló - Avenue gaspar aguilar Falla Exaltation 2023 of the Juan Falla of Aguiló - Avenue gaspar aguilar

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