Falla Plaza de Pilar 2014, between the scandal and the miracle

Falla Plaza del Pilar

The Veles e Vents building was the headquarters of one of the most important events in the Fallas year this year: "Una Festa Per a Tots", or what is the same, three days in which the Federation of Fallas of the special section presents the monuments that will surprise each of the commissions and with those who bet strong for being the best among all Fallas planted in 2014.

Carmen Sancho and Claudia Villanueva, Fallas of Valencia 2014 were in charge of opening the exhibition. Luz García Martínez, greater 2014 Fallera and Carla Pérez López, Fallera Mayor Infantil 2014, accompanied by José Javier López Llop, President and Alex Pérez López, infantile President, were responsible for receiving Carmen and Claudia to introduce projects 2014 of the Falla Plaza del Pilar and its artists, Pere Baenas and Òscar Villada.

"Miracles, sants escoleta", is the work with which Òscar Villada debuts in the Plaza of the Pilar.Los are very familiar to toddlers who has the Srta.Milagros in his school...San Jose, Santa Clara, San Vicent stand out in this fantastic Falla.

…And with Pere Baenas became the "scandal".The monument that will fill so emblematic plaza in 2014 will use as thread and as background music to treat current issues, and sure bring a smile to all visitors.

The Falla Plaza del Pilar wants to thank all attendees his company special event.Peaceful, quiet... If you could not attend this Committee in "Una Festa per a Tots" projects you expect from 1 to 3 December in the exhibition of sketches that we will make together with our industry, the pillar-Sant Francesc.

Photography: Photo Aldaia (Benlloch & bald photographers)

Falla Plaza de Pilar 2014, between the scandal and the miracle

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