Falla San Vicente Periodista Azzati - A commission in progression

Falla San Vicente - Periodista Azzatti

The increased activity of the Commission has provided them with 13 awards in the last year.

The Falla San Vicente-Periodista Azzati facing the Mig Any Faller with the illusion to continue its social progression.

The month of September include social events, l& \ ' t;support with a gui&bath;or the history of the Commission’.

The monument fallero received’ m&number;multiple awards, among them the First Prize of Wit, and Grace of First, which does not get’from 1995.

The celebrations of the two &number;last exercises and the trajectory faller has led the Guild of Fallas Artists granted to the Commission’re the Ninot d'Or.

    Valencia (08.09.17) The Falla San Vicente-Periodista Azzati has launched a month of September full of activities that will give continuity to the social progression that has the Commission in the last years.

    In particular, this Sunday is celebrated the traditional “Comida de Bétera”, the official name of an activity initiated in the 60, and that it maintains its idiosyncrasies,  -with a football match included - despite having changed its place of celebration.

    Next Weekend, start the setting of the second edition of the play “Azzatichef”, where mchildrens try to show their cooking skill and, above all, share good moments of Casal with friends, the primary purpose of any child commission.

    23 September, the representative of the Commission, Laura Giménez Caballero, will be in the act of Choice of the Court of Honor and Fallera Mayor de Valencia in the pabellón de la Fuente de San Luis, with the goal to enjoy the event and getting excited about the dream of represent to Valencia.

    Finally, 24 September, the Commission make the Mig Any Faller, act that starts the second half fallas and in which the Board of Directors has prepared important surprises to enhance the history of our group.

A year full of successes

    The Falla San Vicente-Periodista Azzati experiencing a period of clear social and fallera expansion. In the scope of social, has increased by almost 33% of the census in the last exercises. And, parallel to this growth, the Commission been seen as its effort was reflected in the form of awards.

    In regard to the monument, the 2017 has been provided to the Commission a 6th position in the section Primera A and a 12º award in the Section Segunda of the Children Fallas. The fruit of the efforts of our artist, Vicente Martínez Aparici, also was obtained the First prize of Wit, and Grace of the Section 1st A (after 22 years without success, and the First prize of Wit, and Grace-given by the Federation of Ingenuity and Grace of Valencia - and the Ninot Indultat by ARCAF -Association for the Revival and Conservation of the Art of Fallas-.

    Also, the monument that stands on the street Periodista Azzati was also awarded by the Casal Bernat i Baldoví with the galard “Almodí”, to the scene more demands of valencia culture. And, finally, the magazine Actualidad Fallera consider that is the bet that the Commission present to the Exhibition of the Ninot was worthy of the cover of the special that every year edit this prestigious publication in the month of march.

    Also in the section of llibrets the Falla San Vicente-Periodista Azzati has continued its successful career, because after the Bernat i Baldoví of 2016, Lo Rat Penat get First Prize “Esteve Victoria” to the llibret written by Ampar Cabrera and the First prize “Anfòs Ramón” to the llibret in child category. In the same way, a wide representation of the Commission participated in the Cabalgata of the Ninot, which together with other commissions, friends, got the Second prize of a Comparsa.

    Socially, has been particularly an intense year, with the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the creation of the Ofrenda, which cont with an hitorical event to the Commission: the visit of the Virgen de los Desamparados, to our zone and, in particular, to the Casal Xe, an event that can be considered the most emotive of the long history of the Falla. This event has produced the mitting, 75 years after, with Paquita Pérez, Fallera Mayor who started the Offering of Flowers and that with the passage of time it became in a major event it is today.

     In sports, the components of the Commission also have had a participation, getting the runners-up of the Division of Honor “B” and playing the Final Stage of the Championship of Parchis of the JCF after winning the phase disputed in the sector the Pilar-Sant Francesc.

    Finally, the Falla San Vicente-Perioidsta Azzati, had the honor of being awarded the Ninot d'or that it grants the Guild of Fallas Artists and acknowledge the great experience of the entity and the celebration both the Centenary and the 75th anniversary of the Offering.

    In short, that the trajectory of the Commission San Vicente-Periodista Azzati in the last years is clearly upward, especially by the work of all its components and, in particular, of a Board of Directors that promotes the participation in all activities is raised.

Falla San Vicente Periodista Azzati - A commission in progression Falla San Vicente Periodista Azzati - A commission in progression

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