Falleras major Falla Malvarrosa 2016

Falla Avda. Malvarrosa - A. Ponz - Cavite

On the last night, Wednesday, May 13, Falla Avda Malvarrosa - Antonio Ponz - Cavite, chose their biggest fallers for the year 2015 / 2016.

The girl, Carla Lopez from the Bolea Castle, she was elected Fallera Mayor Infantil and Miss, Mireia Gallart Barragán, will be the fallera Mayor for the next year. Both will share his reign alongside child President, Pablo Sánchez Triviño, which was already chosen as such, just a few weeks.

Tomorrow, Friday, May 15, at 22:30 hours at the casal, your appointment will take place as biggest fallers for year 2015 / 2016.

Congratulations Carla and Mireia!

Falleras major Falla Malvarrosa 2016 Falleras major Falla Malvarrosa 2016

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