Falleras Mayores of the Falla San Vicente journalist Azzati for the 2017 Fallas

Falla San Vicente - Periodista Azzatti

The Falla San Vicente-Periodista Azzati already has new major fallers.  In the course of the extraordinary General meeting held on the night of Friday, June 3, they were chosen as Fallera Mayor Laura Giménez Caballero and Adriana Pérez Miralles as Fallera Mayor Infantil for the Fallas 2017, in which the Commission commemorates the 75th anniversary of the creation of the offering.

The Fallera Mayor, Laura Giménez Caballero, be the maximum representative of the Falla San Vicente-Periodista Azzati is an exercise of great importance for the Commission, because it is celebrated the second of the two anniversaries which, consecutively, have coincided in time. The Fallera Mayor of 2016, Elena Cuenca, congratulated Laura and wished him to be a memorable reign as that she has enjoyed.

Laura Giménez went to the Board and showed his gratitude by choice. "I am very grateful to the entire Committee, proud to hold this position in an important year and hopefully can represent the Falla San Vicente as deserves", said Laura, visibly excited.

The Fallera Mayor Infantil, Adriana Pérez Miralles, will headline the child Commission, which will also have its role during the extraordinary events as Falla San Vicente is organizing. Adriana, closely linked to the Fallas world, succeeds Mireia Molina in this role with so much importance in the Committee on child.

The President of the Commission, José Luis Cuenca, got in touch with Adriana Pérez by phone and told him the news. The new Fallera Mayor Infantil explained naturally that was very happy about the nomination and that he hoped "that the Commission what happened is very well all year"

This exercise is emblematic for the Commission. In the year 1943, Paquita Pérez, biggest Faller of the Falla San Vicente-Periodista Azzati (at that time San Vicente-Falangista Esteve), he decided to go to the Basilica to carry your bouquet of flowers to the Virgen de los Desamparados and the President of the time, Manuel Gimeno, the rest of the Commission and the music band of Edinburgh decided to accompany it. That modest Act was the embryo of the current offering, as it is officially recognized.

Falleras Mayores of the Falla San Vicente journalist Azzati for the 2017 Fallas Falleras Mayores of the Falla San Vicente journalist Azzati for the 2017 Fallas

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