Feast of San Juan of the Falla Luis Lamarca - Velázquez

Falla Luis Lamarca - Velázquez

Feast of San Juan 2014, Saturday, June 14, on the demarcation
the Falla LUIS Lamarca - VELAZQUEZ:

10 p.m. lunch with Valencian dish (almuerzo+bebida € 4).
You can sign up on the Bulletin Board of the casal or through
our mail fallaluislamarca@hotmail.com

11 p.m. opening of the raffle.

12-14'30 h. Fifth and Cap (1€). With assorted "montaditos".

At noon, will be put tables on the street so people who will bring the food.
Under no circumstances can cook on the street.
Drinks bar will be open.

16. h opening of bar drinks

18 h. opening of bar MOJITOS (€3,5).

21:30 p.m. dinner.
You can sign up on the Bulletin Board, and thus won't have to queue for your sandwich (Bocadillo+bebida € 4).
A Hamburger
B. white/white with Ratatouille
C. black/white with Ratatouille
D. white/white
E. white/black

23:15 p.m. appointment of our older 2015 fallers.

24. 00 h: mobile disk


Feast of San Juan of the Falla Luis Lamarca - Velázquez

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