General Pando by Serrano Flowers will celebrate San Juan

Falla General Pando- Serrano Flores

The Association’n Cultural General Falla Pando - Serrano Flores celebrateá pr’ximo sábado 24 of June the feast of Saint John with various activities throughout the día, we will begin at 10:00h in the ma&bath;ana with inflatable acuáticos and end at 03:00h of the ma&bath;ana with the Orchestra M’dena.

Además, during the díto doán activities for all ages to startán at 10:00 with a bouncy acuáticos to the Commission’re Children and the Commission’n Youth. along the ma&bath;ana there will beá the traditional Ca&bathrooms;and a Lid, with sandwiches and ractions of all kinds, in which the Falla to offerá these ractions to a few popular prices.

At 18:30 startá proclamaci’nes of the Fallas More Infnatil LucíFrechina Cáceres and the Fallera Mayor Pilar Silvestre Chuliá. At the end of the proclamations, we will have a DINNER to the commission’n child, with pizza for all.

To finish the feast of St. John 2017 the commission’n mayá available’n of all the attendees from the 21:00 with the Dinner of San Juan tapas as a centerpiece, Arroz a Banda as a main course, Drink and dessert. Además, to end the fiesta de San Juan at 23:00h we will make the Crem&aggravation; of the Fire, and here’n startá the a GREAT FESTIVAL OF ARAG&Rsquo;N  ORCHESTRA M&Rsquo;SET, there will be a Bar to  Popular Prices.   


General Pando by Serrano Flowers will celebrate San Juan

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