Great stop Mora fails Almirante Cadarso-Conde de Altea

Falla Almirante Cadarso-Conde Altea


Day: 19 March 2014.

Time: 7: 00 pm.

Travel: Lengthwise of the calle Almirante Cadarso, from its junction with the

Burriana Street until the end in the Gran Via Marques del Turia.

Sale of chairs: outsourced to

Sales advance online:

Advance sales phone: 635697323 and 657935012.

The great stop Mora of the Falla admirals does not require presentation.

A year over this Committee strives to offer the city of Valencia, in the

later more Faller, San José, a worthy show, always seal

It has characterized it.

Our demarcation will be filled again with the vibrant music of the

Moorish marches, the seduction of the ballets and the colours of the thunderclaps and the participants

men and women of our Committee and guests.

Apart from the return to holding the stop Mora in the afternoon of

San Jose, your classic ride and the outsourcing of the sale of chairs for

viewers, 38 our stop BlackBerry Edition will offer as


The participation of three bands of music (Musical society of)

Banyeres de Mariola, Serpis Musical grouping of Alcoy and Russafa-fa), each

one of which will be completed twice stop travel.

The participation of three female Ballet: Ballet Gazawi de Alcoy

COB their choreography "Nahash", which collaborates in the Organization of this stop

Mora and in costume female, being also this year the ballet that will take the

Captain Moor of Alcoy; the Ballet "Dreams of the Nile" directed by Larissa's

Valencia and the row-Ballet of the Houri, that is our biggest Faller in Valencia

2013, Begoña Jiménez Tarazona, and his Court of Honor, with choreography of the

own Larissa.

Around 12 brackets (participants) of men and women, with clothing

Huracains (Benigànim) male and female Ballet Gazawi (Alcoy).

Two invited teams include:

Falla Placeta del Marqués (Turis), which this year celebrates the 25th

anniversary of its stop Mora.

Row level (Alcoy): One of the oldest and most numerous participants of

Alcoy, holding the Mora captaincy in 2014. Good work, sobriety and

elegance alcoyano parade, will be the ideal counterpoint to this stop.

Integration of the children and youth of the Commission at the stop

Mora, in formation of squads both the pageantry the elderly.

Animals (wig riding school of Alcoy) participation in the

pageantry, as well as expected the beaters rope horses, although this year

We will also have a beater out mounted on a camel and another rider

on a Buffalo. And, of course, the floats (art Facte de Sant Vicent) with your

own musical ambience.

Admirals again proposes a show that you can not miss.

Great stop Mora fails Almirante Cadarso-Conde de Altea

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