Half a year the Faller Burjassot Avenue-Joaquín Ballester and Reus

Falla Avenida Burjasot - Joaquin Ballester

Forgotten as the holidays for most e started the school year, it's time to resume the course faller in the equator of the same, because as most sabeu.....no are six months for Fallas. You get HALF a YEAR and for that reason we have prepared a series of activities that will take place this coming Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September.

SATURDAY 17 September (Cayuco Street will be closed to traffic)

-11 ' 00 hours.  . THE PLANT, DRAWING AND CHILDREN'S BREAKFAST. Our children and applicability: during the week, a small glitch with recyclable materials.

-12:30 hours. ROLLER PARTY.  Do you have skates, Scooter or skateboard? Lowering it to the Falla on Saturday because the street will be free for you. The children's delegation will prepare a series of tests in which you must demonstrate your skill with the wheels on the feet

-13 ' 00. WAR of the pillows and DINNER.  The hour of the aperitif. If St. John's did you come late to the clóxines, not the faces late now. In addition, 2 quints for 1 euro.

-13 ' 30 hours. GLOBOTA for children.

-14 ' 00 hours. CHILDREN'S FOOD.

-15 ' 00 hours. CHILDREN'S CRAFTS and party.

-16 ' 00. PARTY starters and CHILDREN'S EIXENTS.

-18 ' 00. KILLER KARAOKE. The youth added his talents for singing karaoke in an unusual team.

-19:30 hours. TARDEO SOUND. The fashion of "tardeo" comes to the Falla. Take a copaamb your friends in the middle of the afternoon, while Pikas ham, cloxines, Jessica, cheese .... it listening to hits from momentfins that sends when it comes to know the monuments that Hyder in the Fallas 2017.

-21 ' 00 hours. PRESENTATION of sketches 2017 FallaS. We will count with the presence of our artists and top representatives, who will meet the sketches of the monuments of 2017.

-22 ' 00 hours. Dinner at the Cayuco Street. (Only prepare the sandwiches that are targeted).  The sandwiches we offer are

-Spiked with potato

-pork loin with cheese

-black and white with Ratatouille

-23:30 hours. BURN FAILS.

SUNDAY 18 September

-13 ' 00 h. PASACARRER to the neighborhood with our group of drum and dulzaina.

-14 ' 00 h. REGIONAL DANCES and dançà by our group of dances


-14:30 hours. EAT AT THE CASAL AND CLOSURE OF HALF A YEAR.  If you don't want to prepare food or go and buy it, you bring us to the Falla. For this reason, we offer the possibility that we take portions of chicken and rabbit paella, fideua or rice in the oven.

Are 6 months for Fallas..... YOU DON'T HAVE TO .... HALF A YEAR IN JOAQUIMBA

Half a year the Faller Burjassot Avenue-Joaquín Ballester and Reus Half a year the Faller Burjassot Avenue-Joaquín Ballester and Reus

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