II Fireta on Jordana

Falla Plaza Na Jordana

After the success of the first edition of The Entertainments, in good part thanks to your help, we're back with a great novelty, the exhibition "STREET ART". A mostreta of hand-painted canvases by artists and illustrators in Valencia that will uploaded to the balconies of nearby buildings in the street Na Jordana from 23 to 25 September. The subsequent sale of these works, will collaborate with the NGO solidarity Origines, a group created to serve as a space for reflection and channeling a new form of effective solidarity based on respect, participation and co-responsibility, which helps in the construction of a more just world, solidarity and commitment to equal rights between people , communities and the environment.

These are the names of the artists who collaborate in the exhibition: Ricardo Alcaide, Sergio Alcañiz, Ricard Balanzà, Joshua Beitia, head of Cork, Toni Colomina, Carlos Corredera, Vicente Domínguez, custom Made, José Gallego, Hmnos JJ Garcia, Rafa Guillot, Miguel Hernández, Carlos Herrero, Vicente Lorenzo, Fernando Morales, Juan Ramón, Ibán Ramón Marco, Plan and Ivan Tortajada.

Apart from the mostreta we have the same area of exhibition and sale of traditional products that we have in the previous edition, and a program of parallel activities that will make this weekend a leader, year after year, in time to reconnect to migany faller. The Entertainments, is an event organized by the Cultural Association Fallera Na Jordana, an initiative in collaboration with the commercial sector, which oversees the Valencian traditions: clothing, jewellery, shoes, music, art, food, festivities, etc with the aim of exposing the visitors, once again with a recreational, cultural and educational component, the functionalism and the forefront advance hand in hand with the traditions to continue encouraging a culture that makes us feel a distinct identity, the Valencian.

This year we are fortunate to have, for now, with the following exhibitors: Ana Munoz, crafts Ortiz, BesameQueMeMuero, Carmela by El·la, Casal de Feel, Eduardo Cervera, EleyCe events, The Goya more than threads, Pasatiempos falleros, Lu & Pa, ParaFallas, Sedica and Margarita Vercher.

The event will take place from Friday 23, to Sunday 25 September 2016 in the country house of the Na Jordana (C/Salvador Giner 9, bass-46003 Valencia). The entry is free all weekend.

In September, Na Jordana will be back in fashion, because #najordanamola

FRIDAY 23 September

21.00 h.: opening of the II entertainments NA JORDANA. Street Theatre "Welcome!!!" by Na Jordana Theatre. The performance will run around the street Na Jordana along with the brass band Tokotó. Followed by our representatives, Pedro Borrego Pitarch (president NJ) and Ladybug Albella Lounge (fallera Mayor infantil NJ 2017) will open "STREET ART", an exhibition of 20 hand-painted canvases by Valencian artists and acclaimed novels.

21.45 h.: reception of the exhibitors and partners of ENTERTAINMENTS at our registered office (street Salvador Giner 9, bass)

23:00 h.: completion of the event and the closing of the exhibition space.

SATURDAY September 24th

10:30 h. to 14.00 h. and 17:00. to 9 p.m.: opening hours of the exhibition space.
Throughout the afternoon workshops will take place of learning, demonstrations and talks, given by
responsible for the exhibitors and other collaborators.

18.00 h.: Talk "from the street to the screen: the flaws in the audiovisual fiction" by Alejandro
Lagarda and Ivan Esbrí
, both members of the ADEF (Fallers Studies Association)

11.00 h. to 14.00 h.: opening hours of the exhibition space.

12.00 h.: DANÇÀ POPULAR (the street Salvador Giner).

15.00 h.: closing of the exhibition space of works on the street and exhibitors of the ENTERTAINMENTS.

* Note: the exhibition "street art" will remain open throughout the weekend from 23 to 20:30 hours until 25 at 15.00 hours continuously.

II Fireta on Jordana II Fireta on Jordana II Fireta on Jordana

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