II Jornadas cultural of the Falla Jacinto Benavente-queen Doña Germana

Falla Jacinto Benavente - Reina Doña Germana


20:00 hours-opening of the "II Conference cultural of LA FALLA JACINTO BENAVENTE-Queen DOÑA GERMANA", chaired by our biggest fallers, Marta Espinosa Querol and girl Marta Bonastre Godoy, as well as Presidents greater and child, D. Enrique Apple Molins and the child Diego Lorente sources.

Act followed, proceed to the Presentación de las Maquetas and projects that will be planted in our demarcation these 2015 Fallas by our Falla artists, D. Vicente Almela Caballé and D. Ernesto peaks Ribera.

The Act will be presented by renowned director of the program people from Falla of wave zero "Boron Peiró".

20:30 hrs.-round table held by the fellow members; Vicente Almela, Ernesto tops and Manolo Rubio, who try to on "the monumentality or wit and grace in the Falla monuments".

At the end of a wine of honor is served.


12:00 hours-Colloquium, in charge of D. Rafael Marí on behalf of the prestigious company of costumes of Valencian fabrics, "Vives i Mari".

14:00 hrs-elaboration and tasting of a super noodles, in charge of D. Álvaro Bonastre and D. Diego Lorente, our Fund and our child President parents respectively.

20:00 hours-the first edition of monologues "MASCLET COMEDY", will have our Casal, the performance of the well-known comedian "MIKI DKAI", preceded by the performance of a novel monologist.

Ticket sales will take place the same day at €6 with consumption, and also may be removed in our casal beforehand, on Thursdays from 8 pm either booking in Quique 678047547 phone.

22:30 hours-dinner buffet of snacks à la carte in our casal.


12:00 hours-tasting oils in charge of D. César Moreyra Fajarnés Conference and...

14:00 hrs-elaboration and tasting carried out by D. Fernando Guzmán, cooking a few Super rice, in this case "rice surprise".

18:00 hours-great performance of the "great magician Yago", that will be fantastic tricks of magic to the delight of adults and children, as well as with the participation of the same.

To below child snack

20:00 hrs.-closing of our "cultural days II".

Price of lunch and dinner to 10 adults € and €5 children

II Jornadas cultural of the Falla Jacinto Benavente-queen Doña Germana II Jornadas cultural of the Falla Jacinto Benavente-queen Doña Germana

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