II solidarity Gala 'A home away from home' of Falla Virgin of the Cabeza-jose Maria Mortes Lerma

Falla Virgen de la Cabeza - José Maria Mortes Lerma

Little it is already for on September 18!

Virgin head - José Mª Mortes Lerma, Falla organizes again the solidarity Gala II "a home outside the home" where all proceeds will be for Valencia's Ronald House, a house located next to the new faith and gives accommodation to families who have had to travel more than 50 km from their homes by a chronic disease or long-lasting of any of their children , also the accommodation is completely free and them families is coast only its food, which cook them themselves in them facilities of the House, because the objective not is another that create "a home out of the home". By this, with it proceeds with the Gala is may to stay to many more families and will serve for the maintenance of the House.

In the Gala can count with performances of the group child of Playbacks of the Falla master Bellver-Mariano Ribera, the Mage Magvi, Sandra Galvez, the Academy of dance Luis Chavez, Sandra Polop and Rafa Rafeta. The entrance fee is only €5, furthermore you have no excuse to be supportive, because if you can not attend also exist row 0 inputs so that you can collaborate with the cause.

At this Gala will also have a Great raffle solidarity, in which many collaborators Falla and not Falla have put their bit for the cause, and because some of the attendees that evening go with a gift to another.

Not arrive late and book now your entry!

For more information about the House:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWUp29_lMuo & feature = youtu. be

II solidarity Gala 'A home away from home' of Falla Virgin of the Cabeza-jose Maria Mortes Lerma

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