Javier Blasco Campuzano repeats as the president of Dr. J. J. Dómine - Port

Falla Doctor J. J. Dómine - Puerto

This beingá the third a&bath;or in which Javi are acting in the capacity of the commission’n of the port

The last sábado April 14, meeting in an Assembly Extraordinary, the fallas of the commission’re Dr. J. J. D’mine Port, agreed to re-elect, as president, Javier Blasco Campuzano. For the second a&bath;or in a row, Javi carryá tim’n of the Falla of the port after the good results of the previous year. 

The now renewed president agradeci’ to all the fallas confidence that re-deposited él in this exercise so special, in which the commission’re celebrating their 30ª edici project’n of the already known World Contest of Paellas for the industry log’forecast. 

For Javi this is the third a&bath;or who presides over the Falla of Dr. J. J. D’mine - to- Port, and s&number;n his words, “m’ it is an honor to see the fallas return to rely on m’ and I hope not to let them down”. 

All the commission’re expected to have an a&bath;or the unforgettable and give your unconditional support for everything you might need.

∅LIVE THE Fallas of 2019!

Javier Blasco Campuzano repeats as the president of Dr. J. J. Dómine - Port

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