La Victòria show its libret with hip hop

Port de Sagunt, February 26, 2015-Emergint is the motto of the Falla La Victòria holiday llibret. Port de Sagunt Commission filed the new publication this Wednesday at the Casal Jove, more than 150 people and mixing music traditional Valencian with the rhythms of hip hop from the local group port Youngers click, who accompanied the Group Coordinator of the llibret in the explanation of the contents, which opt for the criticism to different social and cultural fields , with the design of honeycomb Faller.

The band improvised with rap and music from The Sound Evolution the explanation of the llibret, in an initial performance that the public was "speechless", according to the delegate from Llibret, Rosana Muñoz. "This kind of music is not very common in an act Fallas, but we wanted to promote a new group of our city; an emerging group, as our theme this year".

The theme of the llibret linked to the satire of the large monument, set in the sunken city of Sagunt not advancing and that slowly emerges from the bottom of the sea. Thus, the llibret illustrates this idea, not only in his literary essays, which speak of different areas in which emerges, as e.g. homophobia in Fallas, women in society or the linguistic normalisation of the Valencian, fate also through photographs, that have been made under water in Buenos Aires Beach and other natural spaces as the marjal dels Moros or the natural park of the Serra Calderona, also emerging and rising in height for different natural areas of El Camp de Morvedre. "The writers of the llibret highlight in different areas a change of course or an improvement towards a more just and egalitarian society, denouncing those outdated elements and which require to be updated, seeking a better future in which all can feel more comfortable and represented," explained the Director of communication, Paco Quiles.

The social criticism is also present in the Victorian publication, with the presence of the shore of Port de Sagunt on the cover designed by José Tena, as the Commission rejection of the plans of the port authority of Valencia demolished it. A couple of falleros emerges from the bottom of the sea, with a Trident and a conch and raised his voice in a cry of war, coming to illustrate the fighting spirit of the subject. The colors used, a gradient of cold to the bottom of the sea and sky, warm tones are also consistent with the photographs and the emerging transition from darkness to light; from the llibret of the last of this year.

The Falla La Victoria also committed to gender equality. "For the first time in the history of the llibrets of Falla, the four representatives have a dedicated poem, not only the biggest fallers; the four also provide the institutional vision of our Committee, with four saludas, not only of the Presidents as it is usually done. And is that in La Victoria we are determined to get a few Fallas with diversity and respect, because equality arrives with little things and this is one of them,"said Quiles.

The children make the children llibret

As a novelty, this year the child llibret have done smaller ones, which have been integrated into a coordinating group of this part of the publication to decide the content and even interview the fallera mayor and the child Chairman. "We wanted to go further and make the falleros emerging as its own the llibret and why we relied on them to organize the content. We have achieved a more open and participatory llibret and are very proud with his involvement, that we know that the future of the publication is ensured,"valued Laura Lechón.

In the presentation were also awarded the prizes of the first child literary contest of the Falla, which was attended by schoolchildren in the population. Izan Perez, Eric Ratia and Marcos Iserte became the three batches of school supplies delivered by three settlements of Port de Sagunt.

La Victòria show its libret with hip hop La Victòria show its libret with hip hop

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