Malvarrosa Iluminate 2018 - Presentation of the Lighting Project of the Falla Malvarrosa

Falla Avda. Malvarrosa - A. Ponz - Cavite

When you get this note to the press, the project lightinf will be to 80%. I'm not going to pass the design, because falleros/as of Malvarrosa want that that you come to see it and enjoy it.

As you known to our neighborhood we defined a word that the true hatred, “periphery”. But hey, with effort, we managed to get out in the plans, although the drop-down to be more big. To get to our neighborhood is very easy, go to beach of The Malvarrosa (above there are no traffic jams), yo can coming in tranvía (the metro does not reach the beach), the bus or bike.

I think that the Marítimo has charm, we had in our area to Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Sorolla and Benllioure. They knew to appreciate the charm and seduction in our neighborhood.

I am going to present to the explain Massimo Mariano Luninarie I have been detailed on our ligth.

The five cúpulas of light

The cúpula is a symbol of the sky and some churches have, as symbol of command celestial. Built at its base with a square shape that symbolizes the earth. The basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican is an example of that, a masterpiece symbol of this church of Rome. But I prefer to say that it is inspired by our church of San Nicolás of Valencia, beautiful and majestic, a masterpiece.

In total the project consists of five cúpulas and two majestic towers helical. The point top of the structure is of 29 m (I think in Valencia has never reached so high). Use 900,000 led 150,000 píxel RGB, almost a million of micro-led and 30 quintals of yarn of zinc. We as a fallero on foot, and even though I am the president, not the I'm going to count and I get lost with so much information technical.

All this mounting represents an enormous sacrifice and leads to a thousand obstacles in the way, but las fallas and Valencia deserve it to have the festival more full of the world. And to make all this madness we have in the sponsorship of Estrella Galicia and Town Hall of Valencia.

And as I now have my minute of glory, I encourage you to give us to visit, that the media radio spread it and that the written press to publish it at large, and in a privileged place. Let's Marítimo exist and Malvarrosa also.

I take this opportunity to tell you that in the Falla child, we continue one year more with Miguel Hache ' in Special Section, that this year make the Falla of the child to the Town Hall Square, but he has not discovered by them, as in Malvarrosa takes five years doing the falla, but he has never been valued as a tap, we'll see this year...; on the other hand, Falla big we have Mario Gual that perform a large monument.


Finally, I have the pleasure to invite you to enjoy our project 2018 and I hope the day 9 March at 20:00 hours to live with us the inauguration “MALVARROSA ILUMINATE

Carefully, the president 
José Candela Corell

Malvarrosa Iluminate 2018 - Presentation of the Lighting Project of the Falla Malvarrosa

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