Mistral Murta celebrate San Juan with a display of Street Workout, paellas and a hawaiian feast

Falla Federico Mistral - Murta

The Association’n Cultural Falla Federico Mistral Murta celebrates the pr’ximo sábado 17 June feast of St. John with all kinds of activities, among which remind one’n of Street Workout, a movement sociodeportivo that is based on the training in the street, usually in parks and open space, p&number;property by using your own body and the environment. Así, the group wolfpack, which involved some of the best athletes Espa&bath;Street Workout, offerá to 18h a sample of what this peculiar sport.

Además, during the díto doán activities for all ages to startán at 11am with a bouncy water to the commission’re a child.

along the ma&bath;ana is hará the already traditional Fifth and Cap, with sandwiches and rations of all kinds, a paella for lunch time así as a “Clotxin Hour”, in which the Falla to offerá these rations to a few popular prices.  

For its part, the commission’n child countá alsoén all kinds of games that organizeán the delegated child, among which is a spectacular yincana full of fun tests that you have already prepared for this day.

To end the feast of St. John 2017 the commission’n mayá available’n all attendees 20h snacks of different types: omelette, sausages, ratatouille, etc, Además, to end the feast of St. John habrá from 23h a hawaiian feast and a great discom’vile for older and or&bathrooms;I enjoy the &number;last hours of the sáSaturday.

Mistral Murta celebrate San Juan with a display of Street Workout, paellas and a hawaiian feast

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