Neighbors + falla = Falla. Tots som patrimoni

The Federaci’n and the Interagrupci’n reaffirm their good relations, strengthenán joint actions and calls the diálogo to solve any discrepancies

- The entity and the Interagrupaci’n of Fallas have tended bridges after the survey municipal sit&number;to the neighbors as the main problem of the party.

- Both collective harán a calendar of meetings and activities under the slogan ‘Neighbors + falla = Falla. Tots som patrimoni’

- Además, have coincided in highlighting the good sintoníto existing between the collective and have ensured that the conflicts are punctual.

The directive neighborhood has moved to the Interagrupaci’re her biggest reason for preocupaci’re at Falla está linked to the security against overcrowding and to ensure the access of vehíasses of emergency and  of neighbours to their homes and garages.

(9-8-2017). The president of the Federaci’n of Neighbors, María José Broseta, and the president of the Interagrupaci’n of Fallas, Jes&number;s Hernández, you have met this myéon Wednesday at the headquarters of the entity neighborhood with the objective to strengthen ties and build bridges between the two groups following the results of the survey to the collective fallas, s&number;n which, the neighbors appear as the main problem of the fallas festival for 47.7% of the respondents.

In this regard, both entities have coincided in highlighting the good sintoníto existing between the collective and have ensured that the conflicts that exist, are specific and typical of a party that generated so much movement and activity on the street, reason for which they have shown their surprise at the result of the survey, a survey that the Interagrupaci’n has pointed out that it does not recognize.

In this sense, Broseta has commented that in the &number;last instance of dutyíto be the Council responsible for mediating in any conflict, if you do not reach an agreement.

For this reason, both the Federaci’n as the Interagrupaci’n have been called to enhance the diálogo and to reach agreements that míminimum for any possible conflict, since within the movement that generated the Fallas, both groups agree that the fewer the discomfort they cause, so much the better.

Both entities have expressed their commitment to enhance events, meetings and joint initiatives from September to Falla to visualize the collaboration’n existing between the groups with the goal that you can project to the rest of Fallas, and neighborhood associations.

In this regard, both Broseta as Hernández have been assured that “relationships are very good and necessary in mostíto commissions falleras between neighbors fallas and not the fallas and in the largestíto them there are no problems, even many Fallas are do activities to encourage the participation’re in the neighborhood”.

In this sense, Broseta has commented that, in any case sense must prevail com&number;n and diálogo to achieve an understanding and to reach a consensus as to any possible conflict. In this línea, Interagrupaci’re has claimed that “for the fallas the neighbors jamás beán a problem”.

Broseta has moved to Hernández the full support of the entity neighborhood to the fallas festival for its importance to the dinamizaci’n econ’mico y social de València, but has commented on some general aspects for the Federaci’n are important, and which always puts the accent, all of them related to security.

Among them, stressed the need to guarantee the v’s of evacuation’n in case of emergency, and that it is&bathrooms;alicen clearly to facilitate the work of the emergency services, a job that should be the responsibility of the city Council. Además, has made hincapié the vent is clear the aleda&years of the health centers, since, although it is not something widespread, others&bath;os has given alg&number;n the case in which the spaces for the stops of the ambulances have been seen to be occupied by facilities associated with the Fallas. And for the &number;last, it has been considered imperative that all residents have guaranteed access to their homes and their garages.

All these aspects requireán to be included in the side of the pr’maximum Fallas, in which for the first time to participateá Federaci’n of Neighbors, a fact that Broseta has been considered to be very positive in the face of a better coexistence between all the groups of the city.

Both groups have agreed to launch the slogan ‘Neighbors + falla = Falla. Tots som patrimoni

Neighbors + falla = Falla. Tots som patrimoni Neighbors + falla = Falla. Tots som patrimoni Neighbors + falla = Falla. Tots som patrimoni

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