Noscarmientas to re-elect Jaume Bronchud as president for the ninth consecutive year

Falla Cádiz - Cura Femenia - Puerto Rico

 last Friday, 27 April, Fails Cádiz - Cure Femenía - Puerto Rico más known as Falla Noscarmientas, chose from’ to Jaume Bronchud as the president of the commission’re ninth a&bath;or in a row.

The choice’ve started’ with the constitution’n of the table of old, being the faller más young Lydia Abbot and Marine major, María del Carmen Bronchud Agustín, who acted, respectively, as secretary and president in the votaci’re. The anécdota was precisely ésa, that, for the second a&bath;or in a row, the mother of the president is the one who gives up the witness, once elected, to hold office.

Since 2010, Jaume Bronchud está in front of the commission’re with a team full of work with which you develop each and every one of the jobs that stands out Noscarmientas. The exercise begins to engrasarse and hará celebrating the pr’ximo díto may 20, the traditional Apunt&aggravation;. Meanwhile, in the casal are already starting to draw up the first parts of the Falla large, prepare the projects of theatre and embasta the act’re with that return to the contest of presentations among many other activities.

"We are a Falla exciting, that we enjoy with everything we do, and with this figure’re doing it ourselves" tells the story of the recién elected president who&bath;wing as’ the tradition’re in Noscamientas sign, to build and to plant their own Fallas from más of three dérock. Bronchud agradeci’ persons "once más your confidence and your cari&bath;or to defend our exercise fallero" and concluded’ ensuring that "he hoped not to disappoint anyone".

The Directive in this 2018-2019 to beá composed by: Jaume Bronchud as president, vice-presidents Rafael Abad (Delegate for Industry), Manuel L’fish, Richard Monle’n, Lorena Abad (who remains at the front of the Delegaci’n de Loterías and Children, adding Youth and Solidarity), and Adrián Cardona, secretary Laura Real Grace, the deputy secretary and responsible of JCF, Rosa Cardona, the Responsible de Área Accounting, Asier Goichoechea, Mari Carmen Planells at the front of the Tesorer’and the Fees, Miguel Tarín as responsible for Agrupaci’n Falla of Ruzafa and in the Fedraci’ of Fail in Special Ingeni r Gr&aggravate;cia, David Antolín as the Delegate of Culture and Sports, Sergi L’fish in Llibret and File, and Documentation’n, work new ésta &number;last to shareá with the head of Web, Javi Bausá. M’nica Fornals, Adrián Cardona and Borja Vicente - casaderos - and Laura Knight-completeán Delegaci’n of Festivities. Además, that &number;last takeá the new Delegaci’n of Protocol, Media, and the Organization’n of Groups.

The team of Solidarity, Children and Youth completeán Laura Soriano, Marta Soriano and cruz Martínez.

With them, the Falla to tryá reap another great a&bath;or the activities and triumphs to share between all of us.

Noscarmientas to re-elect Jaume Bronchud as president for the ninth consecutive year

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