Note from the press of the Interagrupacion of Falla of VALENCIA


Political gentlemen, people of the Generalitat de Catalunya, simple and only: enough!, stop harm, cause citizens from other Spanish lands, lying to the citizenship make up the history of a country and of land, to defend and the indefensible.

Please immediate rectification on its website. The Fallas are, have been and will always be Valencia, Valencia and the Valencian Community, be proud of who we are and what we do, have a holiday so large, with so much culture and tradition: the Fallas, our Fallas, that have never been, are or will be Catalan.

We maintain and keep our culture and our language. We will fight and educaremos our children explaining what happened in the troubled years and what is happening today. Let the neighbours in peace, fix theirs, if they know and can we, the Valencians, will try to solve what is ours.

Fallas are Valencia, Valencia, greater associative movement perfectly structured and organized, certainly in Europe. A social, cultural, tourist and economic movement of the most important of our nation and we want to continue to be so.

Our autonomous community and our city government teams, please:

1. request of public apology to the Catalan Generalitat to try to mislead the world about our identity and our parties.

2. that the minute one out the posted news, a press release public defending the interests of their citizens, explaining his political companions of North, that we are Valencia, we have a great festival which is say Fallas and that have little to do with Catalonia.

3. that any misrepresentation on issues in our culture, parties or citizens, a response to immediate e, if necessary, to defend the identity of our people, even the courts.

That said, very poor taste in the publication of this web site, but, unfortunately for Valencians nothing new, one more, but so far: we gritemos enough and fight for the defense of our roots.

Forever a faller, neighbor of Valencia.

Jesus Hernandez and nicknames
President Interagrupacion Fallas de Valencia

Note from the press of the Interagrupacion of Falla of VALENCIA

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