Older Acacias Falla Falleras proclamation - Picayo

Falla Acacias - Picayo

The Falla Acacias Picayo of Benicalap is pleased to communicate that on November 23 will take place in the proclamation of the highest representatives for the year 2013-2014.

Afternoon, it will be the turn of Vilanova Ainhoa Sánchez and Jorge Vilanova Sánchez.

The two brothers are responsible for representing the smallest of our Committee to deficiencies in 2014.

After snack offered by Ainhoa and Jorge to the children begin the ceremony.

Already in the evening, and after dinner, will be the turn of our Fallera Mayor, Ms. Mari Carmen Montes Benlloch, who will be accompanied by President José Carrasco Lucendo.

Older Acacias Falla Falleras proclamation - Picayo

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