Paco Fuentes and Xesco Gil renewed for fourth consecutive year with the La Victoria Falla.

The Association Cultural Falla the victory of Puerto Sagunto will continue with the same Falla artists who have made their child and large monuments from 2012 in the special section. Paco Fuentes and Xesco Gil plant Fallas large and child, respectively, as they agreed to this end is week with the formalization of two separate contracts with President Miguel Angel Segovia, in the presence of the rest of policy Falla.

The artist faurero Xesco Gil, with workshop in the regional capital, will try to bring back La Victoria at the top of the podium and return to get child award that gave them so much in 2012 and 2013, with a Falla that will focus on children's illusions. For his part, Paco Fuentes also repeated in La Victoria and planted the large monument, «Quan above the nit». The burrianense, which this year gave Buenos Aires Falla first prize in the special section, says feel happy to continue planting in the highest category of Camp de Morvedre Fallas: "the coming year will try to revalidate the prize; doing a good job and hoping that people will once again be satisfied, because that is the most important."

The President of the Victoria, Miguel Angel Segovia, hopes to return to repeat the results of last year, "even if we get any other prize will accept it, because it is already a triumph to have artists that we have for the fourth consecutive year. "The achievements that we got last year is difficult to overcome, only the double we need already", explains.

Paco Fuentes and Xesco Gil renewed for fourth consecutive year with the La Victoria Falla.

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