Party solidarity support to ALEX - AMQM in the Falla Naquera Lauri Volpi

Falla Náquera - Lauri Volpi

The Falla Náquera-Lauri Volpi, since his delegation of Social work advises that they continue our solidarity actions within our annual campaign ¨ARA MÉS QUE MAI¨-AMQM, with our traditional Solidarity party.

This year the income obtained by the event will go ALEX, represented by the Association forAll with ALEX¨ ¨.

Infrequent a 9-year-old boy who suffers from a rare disease called Sturge-Weber Syndrome is a congenital Neurocutaneous disorder characterized by facial capillary malformations or vascular malformations ipsilateral brain and eye, giving rise to varying degrees of ocular and neurological anomalies.

The solidarity party "support Alex - AMQM ¨ will be July 2 from 19:30 with an information stand about the disease." From 21:30 o'clock we will celebrate a dinner, in our casal in the street Lauri Volpi, 24. Adult menu will consist of sandwich meat with tomato and drink, €5 and for children's snack of potato omelette's and drink €3. From here we want to thank Catering pantry that will be ahecer charge of dinner free of charge.

Dinner reservation will be made by the sale of tickets early Wednesday from 20:30 h to 22:00 and Friday from 20:30 h to 23:30 h in our Casal, in charge of the delegation of Social work.

Or through contact by any social network.

All proceeds will be donated to the ALEX, to help improve ongoing and expensive treatments requiring disease as far as possible.

More information:

-Facebook: Fails Naquera Lauri Volpi



Party solidarity support to ALEX - AMQM in the Falla Naquera Lauri Volpi

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