People of Pilar 2014

Falla Plaza del Pilar

You're still in time to be part of the 2014 Fallas of Pere Baenas and Òscar Villada

Last Saturday, February 22, celebrate in our Plaza a great holiday to thank your collaboration to those friends who supported us this year, "Gent's pillar".

As Gent del Pilar, collaborators enjoyed the delicious rice prepared by rice Dacsa, and a Coca-Cola or a Mahou to accompany an aperitif offered by Vicente Vidal.

After eating we seek ownership in between all these gifts that we have prepared our Gent:

·A game of manteletas courtesy of Ernesto De Sostoa
·A dinner for two at the place of the gatherings falleras par excellence, Racó Falleret
·One of 10 batches of La Baronia de Turis mistela with their custom glasses
... Or be "Faller Per a day" in the Falla Plaza del Pilar! The day of the week fallera than your choice!

In addition to being part of 'Scandal' and "Miracles Escoleta de Sants", as Gent de el Pilar is received a wonderful personalized card, newsletter with all our latest news and a welcome gift...

But this does not end here...

We March 8 look forward in our casal, for a snack before going to the Mascletà! This day we will give you your llibret, and your two tickets so that you come to enjoy Fallas Pere Baenas and Òscar Villada.

You're still in time! Become a Gent de el Pilar!

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