Peter Dug, the protagonist of the Falla Road Escrivà

Falla Ctra. Escriva - Coop. San Fernando

The surgeon valenciano Pedro Dug is one of the protagonists of the monument fallas liftá the artist José Luis Cardells to the commission’re Road Escrivá- Cooperativa San Fernando of Valencia, this a&bath;or. The ninot, which is now part of the Exhibit’n to beá in a few días in the street of the Falla of the district of Jes&number;s.
Under the slogan “The fugida dels supergenis”, Cardells makes a crítico of the’j’have “well prepared” to other países looking for the opportunities in their places of origin was not found. One of the main scenes is the doctor Pedro Dug, with whom you want to honor your acci’n selfless as “supergeni that remains”, carried as luggage in your travels your work as a surgeon and your good to do.
Pedro Dug está specializing in reconstruction’n microquir&number;rgica since 1994. In 2003, creates the Foundation’n that bears his name, with the goal of providing surgery, laser treatment’to reconstructive modern patients disadvantaged of países in africa, first in Kenya and, since 2013, in Tanzania.
His trips to Kenya made him change his view of the world and the cooperation’n and what it takes, él and his team, to perform these operations in the países african, in that they deal with from the aftermath of trauma and fractures, burns, tumors, malformations congénitas, surgery, laser treatment’ginecol’gica or thyroid in the países in africa. In the words of the doctor Dug out, “we live in the part c’fashion of the world. Plenty of food, security, health, plenty of money. I don't remember having done ning&number;n mérite to birth in this part of the world. I think that the cooperation’n humanitarian is the price mínimo rent to live in the area, c’fashion on the planet.”
It is for this reason that the Falla Road Escriv&aggravation; he wants to thank you for being an example  for the valencian people, and for the entire world, with their work quir&number;rgica selfless, that él qualifies for “pure and simple decency”. As you collect the verses of the llibret of the commission’n, written by Enric Almero, which explains the Falla: “és el millor remat per a història com the that you provided in nostra fails, puix if tenim a geni in the memòria és this i mereix a medal. In your we still live l’waitingçto that some day it will lead us further temperance such sols per a cridar-us sers humans. Puix hui i in tant mediocre in the balança in gent com your s’expect the bonança, i orgull power dir-us valencians”.

Peter Dug, the protagonist of the Falla Road Escrivà Peter Dug, the protagonist of the Falla Road Escrivà Peter Dug, the protagonist of the Falla Road Escrivà

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