Piero traveller has come to the Fallas of Valencia

For the Las Fallas 2017 Edition we have published a comic illustrative able to describe the party in all its parts, since its origin and traditions to the set of official events marking the partiers days.

Dedicating ourselves to above all foreign tourism, we realized account of which there were many people that, or not captured the essence of the party either had not even heard of it. We also include all persons who live in Valencia for some time but that are still unaware of the meaning of certain events belonging to the party.

For this reason in the comic emphasizes elements such as pyrotechnics, clothing, music and craftsmanship of the Falla artists; i.e., in all the aspects that contributed to Las Fallas received the title of Intangible Cultural heritage of the humanity by the UNESCO.

The protagonist, curious and interested in learning about the traditions of the city of Valencia, vivra the party in all its aspects: from the fun Street until you come to understand the collective effort that each Commission fallera holds during the year. In this descriptive holism no shortage mentions the local gastronomic tradition, as well as monuments and historic buildings in the city.

"Piero traveler... in Las Fallas de Valencia" - this is the title of the comic - is intended to be, as well as a publishing project, an ethical initiative committed to the promotion of local tourism and attentive to social demands. By that have decided give a part of the profits in charity (exactly the 10% of the price end of each comic). Among the recipients are local non-profit associations and private economic difficult situations. Will be managed this money in transparent mode: it will be possible to track every economic movement on the website responsible for presenting our project: www.turismoeticovalencia.com.

With respect to the promotion of local tourism, another 10% of the price of each copy will go to the Organization of trips abroad to promote the tradition and history of the Festival of Las Fallas with the city of Valencia. The idea is to set institutional travel (in which participate of the JCF and City Council members), who held meetings with the local administration of the various cities and with the press, to advertise the characteristics of the Valencian fiesta par excellence. These trips may also participate falleros and falleras in any Commission: this will be organized a contest purposely which you can access through the aforementioned website.

We personally believe that it is an innovative, interesting and sustainable project economically for all those who would like to contribute to its promotion and sale.

More information at:
www.turismoeticovalencia.com - turismoeticovalencia@gmail.com

Piero traveller has come to the Fallas of Valencia

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