Press note of the Grouping of Fallas of the Maritime incidents in the Falla L'alguer

From the Agrupaci’n of Fallas of the Seaíthymus, we wish to express our total disgust and indignaci’n before the events during the celebration’re the night of the sábado 24 June, the festival that celebrated, with all the permissions and documentation’n appropriate rule, the Fail L’Alghero – Ingeniero Rafael Janini, the Sector Algir’s, and belonging to this Agrupaci’n, since, apparently, someone lanz’, in full celebration’n of the above-mentioned verbena, alg&number;n type of product, it seems to be amoníaco, which impact’ mainly into a woman and a nor&bath;or, still the worst stop the women, who cay’ in the face and in the eyes, being moved immediately by the members of the Commission’n Urgent care Center más close, where to see the severity, was sent to the Hospital Clínico.

All of this, l’strategically, it was taken immediately by the Commission’n, in knowledge of the law enforcement’to National all’ person’ and passed part alsoén to the law enforcement’to Local. Obviously, these facts will be reported both by those affected, as by the Falla of L’Alghero, which alsoén lo indicateá to the Delegaci’n Incidents of Junta Central Fallera.

The Commissions Falla we do everything that is asked of us to do the acts and to comply with all the applicable requirements, under the current Ordinance Ocupaci’n in the Domain P&number;public, Municipal, and want the concienciaci’n with the neighborhood, but regrettable events such as occurred last night by this Commission’n, indicate that, not all, want the same thing with the Fallas, the Feast, as we all know, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO at the end of the last a&bath;or.

From the Agrupaci’n Falla of the Marítimo, we want to also move our total support and solidarity, both to the individuals who were so unfortunate and reportable act, as to the Commission’n of the Falla L’Alghero-Engineer Rafael Janini, wishing you a speedy recovery’re the people who were injured, reiterating, once más, our commitment to respect and tolerance, that must be understood as an enriching element of the society itself.


Press note of the Grouping of Fallas of the Maritime incidents in the Falla L'alguer

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