Press release Falla career Målilla-ing. Joaquin Benlloch

PRESS release: Valencia to November 22, 2013

To the press release issued by DON JULIAN CABALLERO and DOÑA MARIBEL MOLINA, Falla Cabinet legal career MÅLILLA-Eng. JOAQUIN BENLLOCH wishes to express the following:

1. The release of Mr Knight and Molina does not conform to the reality of the facts. Mr Knight and Mrs. Molina were aware several months record opened against them on board Central Fallera. In fact, Fallera Central Board informed the career Falla Målilla - Eng. Joaquin Benlloch that day, July 23, 2013 Mr. Caballero made allegations in the file, that own Mr. Caballero appeared personally before the Board and that Ms. Molina did not willingly, despite being cited. Similarly, Mr. Morant, 17 September 2013, made claims on the record in writing and submitted to the delegation of incidents of Junta Central Fallera. Junta Central, after studying all the evidence provided to the record, has decided to solve it with the already known sanction to the Mr Caballero and Morant. and Ms. Molina.

2 Career Falla Målilla - Mr. Joaquín Benlloch concurs with the decision of the Board Central Fallera despite that it considered to be a not exemplary sanction, by scant, given the grave situation created by the Mr Caballero and Morant and Ms. Molina.

3. The accounting situation of Falla has been recognized by the own Mr. Julian as Chairman thereof, in the extraordinary General meeting held May 17, 2013, accepting that day, against the accounting results which were being presented the last years - always with benefits, the reality is that there was a deficit of 48.911 euros.

4 Falla career Målilla - Mr. Joaquín Benlloch is not you welcome this situation, but the reality is that there has been a serious economic situation to be solved by the previous management of the same.

We hope, for the sake of the Commission, which can solve this problem and that we serve all of example not happen ever again.

5. If it is not a solution to the serious economic problems that have created, we announced the exercise of the legal actions that could correspond to the Falla career Målilla - Eng. Joaquin Benlloch in all jurisdictional appropriate, against the perpetrators of the acts sanctioned by the Junta Central Fallera.


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