Proposals of the Interagrupacion's Falla to Board Central Fallera

The Valencia Fallas Interagrupacion has submitted the following proposals to Fallera Central Board:

Proposal €20000.

Seen caused discomfort in the last assemblies and understanding of the good will of all Governing Council, since as I was demonstrated at last meeting in October, economic allocations in budgets can always be, we suggest:

Already having the budgets to be evaluated correctly and be able to assign many more items to the designation of the Assembly, hoping to make the entire budget sought by Presidents and approved by them in the years to come, propose for this small item of this year:

Be divided in equal parts between all commissions falleras surveyed in jcf in this exercise, by delivering it through single payment through groupings falleras or in case of not being grouped by sectors or individual to each Committee.

Proposed the ninot exhibition.

1-understanding that our competition is distributed by sections, we understand that exposure and placement of the ninots must be by sections, in the same way have been placed so far.

2. the composition of the judges for the awards to best ninot section, will be:

2 Falla Presidents chosen by draw among those who were present.
2 Falla artists sent by the Federation of craftsmen guilds Falla.

2 components of the bag of jcf juries, expressing their will to belong to the same, by drawing lots among those presented.

3 assess the possibility that awards for best ninot of each section are public before March 1, placing a poster communicating it in each award-winning ninot.

Proposed sworn Interagrupacion

Stating that a study of all the flaw contest, is being done to present a proposal for the 2016/17 Fallas, with ideas and contributions of various collectives of the party, our proposal for this year 2015/16, serious: flaw contest is the most important of all those who are organized, and forced participation.

If in any form and/or contest organized by jcf falleros and people seeking with some criteria depending on the competition, this should be the same.

1. the designation of jurors will be by designation:

President of jcf or delegating to the Secretary general.

Representative appointed by Interagrupacion's Falla.

Representative named by delegates of the sector.

Among these three people, watching and evaluating different concepts and checking the incompatibilities, choose the total number needed for the composition of juries, both children as major, no assigned section, because it means that all those who are selected are valid.

Among those elected, would be a draw which will designate the section of each component of the jury.

2 - The composition of the juries of each section will be of 5 members in each section, as approved last year, both children as major. The majority of ideas and contributions is good for a better valuation.

3 - The results of scores, will be in jcf to show them to any Falla that could request them, as of March 21. Proposals of the Interagrupacion's Falla to Board Central Fallera

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