Release Interagrupación de Fallas of Valencia, with respect to the surveys carried out

Valencia, June 22, 2017

According to the agreement adopted in its day by the presidents in the general meeting of the Interagrupación de fallas of Valencia, along this morning is going to be present for check-in at the city Hall of Valencia, the document agreed upon by the groups and signed by the presidents of all of them, (22), with the support of a majority of the Fallas are made up.

In this document you requested:

Override the forms of the surveys conducted by considering inappropriate some of the issues and not having the certainty of the true aim of obtaining certain information private, to delete from the database the information of carácharacter staff collected on the basis of the law of protection, and get the explicit commitment not to treat such information in the future on the part of any person, institution or entity faller, rejecting any kind of exploitation of the results already had been able to execute, not acknowledging on our part, the result of such a survey, whatever.

The appearance of the ex officio President of the JCF, his Excellency Sr. Joan Ribó i Canut, at the assembly of presidents next, so that you can give appropriate explanations on the motivation of the survey and the real objective of collecting certain personal information of fallas only of the city of Valencia, as well as submit to questions that eventually the representatives of the world of the flaws they may deem desirable to make.

The resignation or removal of the promoters and/or responsible for coming up with this survey in charge of the Department of Culture Festive with little transparency, holding the position I hold, to understand that it has abused the good faith of the fallas that not knowing the purpose of the same has been paid to provide specific information due to ignorance.

Before the events this is the first measurement that is decided to adopt from the entity that agglutinates to the majority of commissions recorded in the Central Board Fallera, reserving the possibility of adopting other measures if you do not attend to the claims raised.

the Jesus Hernandez Nicknames
President of the Interagrupación de Fallas of Valencia

Release Interagrupación de Fallas of Valencia, with respect to the surveys carried out Release Interagrupación de Fallas of Valencia, with respect to the surveys carried out

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