Release of press of the Interagrupacion of Fallas of Valencia in reply to can

Watching statements and note of press from Valencia in comú, (can), want to express our total disagreement with the content of them same, understand that the made of not know for nothing them parties falleras, the not be integrated in the community fallera and ignore its operation causes that publicly is made this type of manifestations completely false, intolerable and of little credibility.

The Fallas and the falleros throughout history we have always defended democracy, give value and put in value the woman, are the group more inclusive that exist in this society, and are tireless fighters for our traditions, culture and Valencian Language. Fallas are supportive entities that always help anyone or group that you need it, without any ideologies, prejudices, discrimination of race or sex, the falleros are a collective that brings people, not separate them. We respect the environment, we recycle like nobody, our Falla changed throughout history in what refers to its execution and materials to be used always looking for the profitability of its artists and a long etcetera.

Fallas are a completely popular festival which takes place for the enjoyment of all residents of the city and its tourists, which is funded 90% by the falleros. We want to encourage that point everyone to a Falla, part of them and surely will change your vision.

Therefore we ask and/or demand a public rectification, tell women falleras are treated as an object is a vexatious, intolerable attitude and which does not conform to reality.

Many thanks, vixca les falles.

Release of press of the Interagrupacion of Fallas of Valencia in reply to can

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